Lost Ark Western Anniversary: ​​New events, continent, class, and more

The Lost Ark’s February Anniversary Celebration officially kicks off on February 8th and will bring a whole host of amazing additions to the game. This update will run in conjunction with the Lost Ark x Witcher event, which runs until February 22nd. The largest of these additions is the new continent of Rowen. Rouen lies west of Chewshire and is littered with a precious gem known as the Silmel with two factions vying for it: Briggly and Libertine.

Preigelli was formed to create structure within Rowen with the help of machines while the other faction, Liebertane, was formed to free themselves from the shackles of rules and regulations. Once players complete Rowen’s global quest, they will be able to choose one of the aforementioned factions to compete in an open world PvP.

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How to start a Rowen Quest Quest?

To start the World of Rowen quest, players will need a minimum item level of 1445. After completing the Cataclysmic Eliyabeck quest, you will be able to choose one of the two factions and also enter PvP mode. Factions are divided into 15 ranks that players can earn by earning Faction XP earned by completing a variety of missions.

When is the artist category released?

Players can also look forward to Artist, the Lost Ark’s first advanced specialist class, which will arrive a month earlier than expected in March. More details on what this chapter does will arrive sometime before its official release. Until then, players can expect to receive a Powerpass event and apply to help the new artist when it’s released. The class will also be available in time for the Brelshaza Hard Legion Raid and Hanumatan Guardian Raid in April.

Players can also look forward to Tulubik Battlefield releases sometime in March, which ramps up the PvP war between Preigelli and Liebertane. During this time, new rewards and events such as Twitch drops will also be available.

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