Genshin Impact “The Falcon’s Hunt” Global Mission Guide

“The Falcon’s Hunt” is a Genshin Impact World Quest that involves helping Tadhla hunt three devoted monsters. You can unlock it after completing the sequel called Tadhla the Falcon. Make sure to prepare a strong team because the enemies are very strong.

How to complete the quest “The Falcon’s Hunt” in Genshin Effect

After completing Tadhla the Falcon, change game time At any time Between 8:00 to 12:00 next day. Once you’re done, go back to the Tanit camps and talk to Masseira, who will offer you a commission.

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Masseira wants you to accompany Tadhla on her hunt. go to left side From his tent to meet Tadla and talk to her to continue the search.

Go to the lair of the red eagle

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Follow the quest marker to the Bangvahi Wreck to enter the Red Eagle’s lair. If you haven’t unlocked a teleportation path point, you can slide off the cliff above ground to enter an underground area.

Look for red eagle tracks on the way

Some glowing dots will appear along the path, indicating which direction you need to go. approach glowing spots To follow the task, use four leaf sigils to help you travel faster. Once you reach the last glowing spot on the cliff, you will immediately spot the Red Eagle’s Lair.

Enter the red eagle’s lair

Head to the clearing to start dialogue with Tadhla. She will ask you to wait for the summoning of the Devoted Beast. then Change the playing time at any time in between From 1:00 to 3:00 the next day. After changing the time, a red eagle will spawn immediately. Help Tadhla defeat her. After camping in the area, you can proceed to the next part of the quest.

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Go to the scorpion’s den

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Follow the quest marker to Short Row, where you will find a cave leading to Scorpion’s lair. Enter the cave and continue to follow the path until you reach the edge of the cliff, then plunge down to enter the purple space where the battle will take place.

Dialogue with Tadhla will prompt. will be offered to you Two types of grafts You can choose one of them to weaken the scorpion, or you can choose not to use any of them. You can choose any option you like.

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After the dialogue with Tadla, a scorpion will appear. you have to defeat two of them, but they will produce one by one. Completing the objective will trigger a dialogue with Tadhla, and you can embark on the ultimate devoted beast hunt.

Enter the Flying Snake Cave

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Head to Teleport Waypoint east of Ghouls Pass, near Setekh Wenut. Enter the cave behind the waypoint to trigger dialogue. Since Tadhla is weak due to the venom of the scorpion, you need to defeat the flying serpent without her help.

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Follow the path deeper into the cave until you reach a more spacious area. The flying snake will be waiting for you. Defeat him to complete the objective and trigger a quick cutscene.

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Get the Lelobar part

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After cutting, enter the small path towards the patch of grass and interact with Liloupar’s fragment to obtain it. Doing so will initiate dialogue with the party.

The report returns to the march

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that Wonderful box will appear in the area. Make sure to loot it to get a quest item called Garabad Temple, which can be used in another global mission later. Once done, go back to the Tanit camps and talk to Masseira to complete the global quest. You will unlock the tragic end of this series of missions called The Fallen Falcon.

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