Is She Alive or Dead? Bio, Street Campaign, Ex-Boyfriend, Missing Report

Shacaiah Blue Harding frequently spent several nights at the Tumbleweed Runaway Center in Billings, Montana, where she battled a drug addiction

Because of this, Tamera Goldsmith, her mother, was unaware that her daughter had vanished in July 2018.

Shacaiah was ultimately reported missing in August, and Showtime’s “Murder in Big Horn” follows the investigation to try to determine what happened. Let’s investigate the peculiar disappearance in greater depth to learn if Shacaiah has been located.

Shacaiah Blue Harding, a citizen of Big Horn County, Montana, was remembered as a cheerful and affable person who loved life.

She had a difficult childhood due to her mother’s drug use, which had a significant impact on her formative years, according to the show.

Later, even Shacaiah succumbed to meth usage and was identified as having schizophrenia brought on by meth.

She was nevertheless adamant about changing her life around and continued to have high hopes for the future.

She thus enrolled in the Tumbleweed Runaway Center in Billings, Montana, in the hopes that it would assist her in breaking her bad habits. She was unaware of the dreadful hand fate was about to deal her, though.

Shacaiah Blue Harding

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Shacaiah Blue Harding: Where Is She Now?

Shacaiah had a reputation for staying at the centre for days on end and leaving only when she felt like it. Therefore, when the 19-year-old failed to return home near the end of July 2018, her mother did not pay much attention.

Shacaiah was last spotted in Billings, Montana, on July 25, 2018, at around 4 p.m., while strolling down Buena Vista Drive.

The Tumbleweed Runaway Center was where she was residing at the time, and others who knew her there observed that the 19-year-old neglected to return after signing out on July 25.

Even the teenager’s family started to notice her absence eventually, and on August 20, 2018, her mother, Tamera Goldsmith, contacted the police to report her missing daughter.

As soon as the police gained control of the inquiry, they set up search parties and canvassed the neighbourhood in search of Shacaiah Blue Harding.

They even spoke with a number of the 19-year-friends, old’s from whom they found that the adolescent had written a sinister status on her Facebook page the night before she vanished.

Apart than that, there was no further information regarding the missing child, and as the days went by, her family started to worry about the worst.

Shacaiah Blue Harding: Is She Alive or Dead?

We regret to inform you that Shacaiah Blue Harding has not been found as of yet, despite the fact that the police consider the case to be ongoing.

Her family continues to wish for her safe return. Her relatives took to the streets to spread awareness about her absence even though there wasn’t much information available in the early stages of the missing person investigation.

They distributed flyers, put up posters all over the city, and even conducted a few demonstrations, pleading with anyone with information to come forward.

People close to Shacaiah eventually found out that she had been spotted with a man who was accused of rape.

Despite the fact that he insisted he had never seen Shacaiah, his ex-girlfriend claimed he had previously inquired about the teen’s life.

Some of Shacaiah’s friends asserted on another occasion that she had conversations with individuals associated with human trafficking just prior to going missing.

Additionally, the authorities discovered proof that someone had purchased a bus ticket to Colorado on the day Shacaiah is thought to have disappeared, but these leads only produced dead ends. On the other hand, although there is no evidence to support such a development, some individuals also speculated as to whether the youngster left her family in Montana to live with her lover, Eric, in New Mexico.

Sadly, despite recent reports mentioning Shacaiah’s two sightings in Phoenix, Arizona, the case hasn’t changed much since that time. Although the authorities said they are looking into all possibilities, it is generally accepted that the adolescent was trafficked for either drugs or money.

Though there is still optimism that the 19-year-old will make it home safely, the investigation is thought to be ongoing, and Selena Not Afraid’s death in 2020 will get headlines.

Shacaiah Blue Harding
Shacaiah Blue Harding

Shacaiah Blue Harding: Bio

Shacaiah Blue Harding enjoys singing and dancing, frequently impromptu in front of others. Shacaiah didn’t mind that people were staring.

She had a strong sense of independence. As was customary in her Native American culture, she was also very connected to her family and extended relatives.

By the time Shacaiah was 19 years old, she was leading a hard life and frequently going by her middle name, Blue. She had lately started doing drugs and moving around a lot, but she always kept in touch with her family.

On July 23, 2018, at around 4:00 pm, Shacaiah was spotted strolling along Buena Vista Drive in Billings, Montana. Usually active on social media, she made a highly cryptic and enigmatic message on her Facebook page just before midnight.

There would be no more sightings or reports of Shacaiah.

Shacaiah Blue Harding: Missing Report

Shacaiah Blue Harding is missing.

Shacaiah was born to Tamera Bearcomescout on November 28, 1998. Tamera claimed Shacaiah was distinctive in both personality and style. and didn’t give a damn what people thought of her.

The grandparents and a huge network of cousins, aunts, and uncles made up the small but close-knit family.

She was also highly skilled at doing hair and makeup and creating videos. In fact, she had considered going to cosmetology school and pursuing that career route for a while as a teenager.

Even though Shacaiah had an extroverted attitude and frequently attended gatherings, she wasn’t into the party scene. Despite those around her engaging in these activities, she didn’t.

It would all change for Shacaiah in the spring of 2018, when she was 19 years old, though it’s unknown what may have prompted that.

She also developed her independence at this time and began to miss her family for extended periods of time.

When she was around her, her cousin would point out when she was acting strangely and would describe it. She would suddenly return to her senses and resume her usual behaviour. Her actions, nevertheless, did raise some questions for her family.

Shacaiah returned a cell phone to her mother on July 5, 2018. It was a little uncommon, according to her mother Tamera, because Shacaiah didn’t want to return her mother’s phone.

After a few weeks, the cousins and other family members would start conversing and realise that Shacaiah hadn’t been seen in a while. As a result, they would begin looking for her. No one had seen Shacaiah despite their inquiries to those she knew and the areas she was known to visit.

They discovered that on July 25, 2018, at 4:00 p.m., she was last saw strolling along Buena Vista Drive in Billings, Montana.

It was uncertain who saw her. She allegedly just ended a relationship, according to rumours, and that evening around midnight she wrote a strange Facebook status update.

“All depressing, yet I’m penning it like it’s everything, but… relying on feelings suck,” it read.

After that one, there were no more posts.

Shacaiah Blue Harding
Shacaiah Blue Harding

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Shacaiah Blue Harding: Family

Her family begins its own independent search for her. Remember that this is a girl who frequently vanished for days on end, and they were aware that she might have been using drugs at the time.

But when they were unable to locate her anywhere, Shacaiah’s mother Tamera decided to submit a missing person report.

On August 20, 2018, the Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office collected the formal report. Since Shacaiah was last seen, almost a month had gone.

Police don’t actually begin looking into the matter, though, and not much gets done. And I frequently witness this when persons with a history of drug abuse, a transitory lifestyle, or both go missing, which is really upsetting.

In this instance, there is a tonne of evidence to suggest that neither law enforcement nor the media give Indigenous Americans who go missing enough attention.

Shacaiah Blue Harding fits all the criteria: she is an indigenous girl, she lives on the streets, and she may have a drug issue.

Shacaiah Blue Harding: Street Campaign

The family was thus left alone. They created flyers before beginning their street campaign.

They received a tip informing them that Shacaiah had been spending time with a Billings-based man who had previously been charged with rape and was generally regarded as trouble.

Shacaiah’s family went over to speak with the man personally after police declined to question him. Naturally, he denied knowing Shacaiah’s location.

It turned out that the man’s ex-girlfriend, who had witnessed him stalking Shacaiah while they were together, had provided this tip.

Now, this may be an instance of an enraged ex-girlfriend seeking retribution, or it’s possible that she is aware that her ex, who has a violent past, has a crush on Shacaiah.

Since this suggestion wouldn’t lead anywhere else, I suppose we simply don’t know. It undoubtedly would have been beneficial if this man had been interviewed by police enforcement who had received training in conducting such interviews. They might have gained more knowledge than the family did.

When Shacaiah was spotted downtown, a friend of Tamera’s would report to Tamera that she spoke with some males who were known to be involved in the human trafficking business. The acquaintance has now passed away, and the family was unable to locate these folks.

And it makes me wonder how we can recognise well-known people traffickers among the general public yet are unable to apprehend them and remove them off the streets.

The fact that this is taking place right in front of us and we are unable to stop it astounds me.

It would take some time before another lead materialised, and when it does, it really originates from police enforcement. Finally. They discovered that someone had bought a bus ticket from the region to Colorado.

But aside from that, they were unable to look into this issue any more.

The police responded that it was too weak of a lead to make the work necessary to acquire security film or begin an investigation to determine whether this person truly boarded the bus and arrived in Colorado when the family pressured them to do so.

Law enforcement claimed that in order to make that happen, a tonne of paperwork would need tremendous be completed, which they were unable to do.

Thus, they would get nowhere with that lead.

Shacaiah Blue Harding
Shacaiah Blue Harding

Shacaiah Blue Harding: Ex-Boyfriend

  • Her ex-boyfriend Eric was another person who Shacaiah’s family suspected. Shacaiah and Eric had a tumultuous relationship, and although there are no official reports to support it, some people have claimed that he was abusive.
  • Her relatives speculated that she might have bought a bus ticket to Colorado in an effort to get down to the New Mexico region where Eric lived in order to be with him. Eric also lived in New Mexico.
  • Of course, the lack of details in this situation is extremely upsetting, so I sought to learn more about Shacaiah by perusing her social media.
  • I discovered that she only has 10 friends on one of her two Facebook sites, Shacaiah Haughtyng, where her most recent post was made on June 4, 2018. Her residence is listed as Billings, Montana. In 2017, this page was first created.
  • She has another page under the name Harding Bluue Shakcaiah, which is actually one of the ten pals on her page. Although she last posted on this page on July 25, 2018, it was created in 2011. Her case files only indicate this as the final Facebook post she made. Her home address is also listed as Fort Riley, Kansas, on this page.
  • Although practically anything is feasible, we have a few basic theories about the situation.
  • Shacaiah escaped and is still wandering the streets. Did drugs and other criminal actions ruin her life to the point where she can’t even return home? Her family holds that this is one of the possible scenarios.
  • A sex trafficking ring is where Shacaiah is being detained. This possibility, that she is alive and being imprisoned against her will, is one that her family shares. especially in light of the possibility that she was speaking with some guys suspected of being part of the human trafficking industry.
  • Shacaiah overdosed while out on the town. This also cannot be ruled out due to her drug use.
  • Shacaiah experienced mistreatment. Also a possibility, especially if you’re surrounded by undesirables and aggressive individuals.
  • So what do you suppose Shacaiah Blue Harding’s fate would have been?
  • Her family believes she is still alive and is pleading for assistance in locating their daughter, sister, cousin, and friend.
  • Please spread the word about her case in any manner you can because this is precisely the kind of situation that would benefit from public attention. Shacaiah’s family is entitled to explanations, and Shacaiah herself may want assistance.
  • Shacaiah is a young Native American woman who weighed 120 pounds and was about 5’4″ tall when she vanished. She may also go by the name “Blue,” and she has brown eyes and black hair.
  • Please get in touch with the Yellowstone Sheriff’s Office at 406-256-2929 if you have any information about Shacaiah. You can also discover the family’s Facebook page, Bring Shacaiah Harding “Blue” Home, and contact them there.

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