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Pixel Piece on Roblox is a hacking adventure inspired by the One Piece anime but with a unique twist. It’s a world divided. Like other One Piece games, you collect Devil Fruits to gain various abilities used in battle. The fruit can grant a random ability of different rarity and include many different attacks and powers. We have compiled our list of tiered fruits depending on their usefulness and rarity. Take a look below to decide which fruit to focus on.

What is the best fruit in Pixel Piece?

The best fruit in Pixel Piece right now is Hi-hi fruit. This is a rare Devil Fruit with seven different abilities underneath: Ice Hawk, Ice Spears, Ice Hammer, Ice Stomp, Frozen Time, Ultimate Stomp and Ice Ice. This fruit is considered one of the best because of its wide list of abilities and the range of attacks and different damage it can do. You can freeze enemies in their tracks or skate around the map with quick steps. These abilities are useful in almost any encounter and are also the most expensive demon fruits to purchase.

List of layers of fruits pixel piece

This is our list of fruits from S level to C level, arranged from the most valuable and powerful fruits to the least beneficial fruits. Useful fruits are evaluated based on the number of abilities they offer, the amount of damage they deal, or how hard they are to acquire. Those in the S-tier are some of the best and most valuable devil fruits you can collect in the game.

class the fruit
s Hee hee, mera mera
a Bomb-bomb, kilo-kilo
B Spin spin, cry cry
c Smooth, soft, sock sock

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This list of levels is based on our own opinion, but it can be evaluated differently depending on the different opinions or experience of each player. This list may change in the future if more fruits are added to the game, so keep checking back for more updates, and let us know your favorite fruits in the comments below.

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