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LOS ANGELES, CA: The main focus of “The Last of Us” episode 4 was Joel and Ellie continuing their journey to meet Tommy in Wyoming

On the other hand, it also introduced viewers to “The Hunters”, a brand new deadly opponent. Currently, Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) are sheltering in a structure that enters the area controlled by the Hunters.

But one specific scene in the final episode left viewers wondering what the formidable creature was lurking beneath the broken floor.

Since “The Hunters” are a ruthless group that kills anyone who tries to enter their territory or disobeys their orders, it’s pretty clear that this plot will continue for a few more weeks after it debuts.

The organization, led by Kathleen (Melanie Lynskey), will stop at nothing to catch Joel and Ellie after they kill two of their own men.

However, the group has one additional concern, and to be completely honest, that’s the only concern the group should have at the moment.

The last of us

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The Last of Us Episode 4: What Happened There?

In the final episode, Kathleen and Peri discover a stash used by Sam and Henry and follow him to the basement. Perry appears to be paranoid as a result of what he saw in the basement and wants Kathleen to share his concerns.

As soon as they open the door, the ground is covered in cracks and something massive moves underneath. When Perry and Kathleen notice that the underground movement is more powerful than ever, they become alarmed.

They close the door after leaving the room. Perry realizes that whatever lies under the floor gap is eager to appear, and if that happens, everyone will die. Peri wants people to be aware of this, but Kathleen isn’t up for it because she doesn’t want them to get anxious and lose motivation.

We can say for sure that we’re getting closer to seeing Bloaters for the first time because of what we saw in that very scene.

Bloaters, for those who don’t realize, are a subset of the bloaters that have served as hosts for Cordyceps for over 20 years.

It’s hard to kill them just because they’ve been infected for such a long time and they have a fungal plate covering every inch of their body.

The last of us
The last of us

The Last of Us Episode 4: About the game series

The game’s class in Pittsburgh shows how the blower is hidden under a hotel and causes mayhem when it emerges from the ground. It’ll be interesting to learn more about The Hunters knowing about it and the reasons they haven’t sent it yet.

The organization and the creature will be revealed to us in the coming days, and after tonight’s incident, things will undoubtedly become even more intense.

Few, if any, have done something “post-apocalyptic zombie” better than Naughty Dog’s 2013 The Last of Us, despite the fact that many video games, comics, TV shows, and movies have attempted it.

Now is the perfect opportunity to review and explain the game’s entire plot, from the engaging premise to the shocking and thought-provoking ending, as we eagerly await the adaptation of the upcoming HBO TV series.

We’ll see that The Last of Us’ ability to tell a personal and epic story in a way that feels consistently natural and fantastic is one of its most distinctive features.

Given that some new characters will be introduced, it will be interesting to see how creators Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann (who also developed the game) adapt this story for spin-off TV.

There’s no denying that the show’s creators had some excellent source material to work with on this script, though some writers have historically found it difficult to translate video games into TV series.

In The Last of Us’ dramatic opening scene, a young girl named Sarah Miller urgently searches for her father, Joel, as chaos erupts outside her home in Texas.

We learn via a television news program that a viral epidemic is wreaking havoc on the nation and turning otherwise healthy people into manic, violent, hyperactive creatures known as “the infected”.

When Sarah is reunited with her father, Joel, and uncle, Tommy, they seek to clear their home as people are dying, a fire is catching, and the army is being called out.

They jump into a jeep. Joel holds Sarah as they try to flee on foot after they get into a car accident caused by the commotion.

They come across a soldier who has been given the go-ahead to shoot them. The soldier fired a few shots, but Tommy killed Joel with a shot to the head before he was killed.

While Sarah is shot in the stomach, Joel escapes the scuffle unscathed. Joel tries to save Sarah, but she tragically dies in his arms.

The last of us
The last of us

The Last of Us Episode 4: Conspiracy

The country’s history since the outbreak is described in a series of newscast audio clips that play as the opening credits.

The military imposes martial law in major American cities when attempts to produce a vaccine fail, giving rise to the violent revolutionary group of Fireflies calling for the restoration of democracy.

Joel is still alive and working as a smuggler in a Boston military district 20 years after Sarah’s death. One morning, his partner Tess knocks on his door and tells him that a man named Robert has sent some thugs to attack her.

When Joel and Tess find Robert, they learn that he sold many of their weapons to the Fireflies. After Robert’s death, Marilyn, Firefly, offers Joel and Tess a deal: illegally remove a young child from Boston in exchange for their return of the guns.

Ellie is the girl in question, and Joel and Tess soon learn that she is resistant to the virus that wiped out civilization. Joel begins to like Ellie when he and Tess leave the military area, since she reminds him of his daughter Sarah.

However, after 20 years of mercilessly killing everyone he encounters, wounded or uninfected, Joel’s heart has hardened and he is reluctant to develop a close romantic relationship with anyone.

When the trio try to meet several Fireflies to deliver Ellie, they find that all of the Fireflies have died. Tess is bitten while fighting off the infected.

Tess bravely sacrifices herself as Joel and Ellie flee, believing it necessary to spare Ellie’s life in hopes that her immunity can be used to produce a vaccine.

Without a plan or the Fireflies to help them, Joel and Ellie are suddenly on their own. Joel believes the best chance of success lies in locating his now estranged brother Tommy, an ex-Firefly, in hopes that Tommy will help them find more Fireflies.

The problem is that Joel and Ellie are on foot, while Tommy is staying in the West. Joel suggests that they seek help from Bill, an old grizzly who lives alone in the suburbs outside Boston.

Bill is an old friend of Joel’s. Joel is reluctant to put his trust in Ellie, despite her willingness to arm and fight infected and other enemies.

They eventually reach Bill, whose lover has abandoned him and killed himself. Bill, who is clearly a nihilist and is hiding his struggles with loneliness, advises Joel not to help Ellie.

However, Bill helps Joel and Ellie buy a car even though he owed Joel money. Then Joel and Ellie hit the road and headed west to look for Tommy.

The last of us
The last of us

The Last of Us Episode 4: Review

  • When they arrive in Pittsburgh, Joel and Ellie are ambushed by a group of outlaws. Another one must walk because their car total. In a fierce encounter with one of the robbers, Joel nearly drowns.
  • Joel goes to his dipped gun anxiously, but as he does, his hand grabs and shoots the robber, saving Joel’s life.
  • Ellie here. Joel reluctantly admits to himself and Ellie that he is grateful that she saved him, though he is angry that she broke his rule not to participate in any violent activities.
  • Joel and Ellie meet another couple, brothers named Henry and Sam, while still in Pittsburgh. Ellie forms a relationship with younger brother Sam, though Joel is reluctant to trust or work with them as usual.
  • Sam is bitten by an infected person during the group’s successful Joel and Henry escape plan from Pittsburgh. He hides his illness from others out of grief.
  • Eli attacks when he “turns” or turns infected. Henry shoots and kills his younger brother out of desperation before turning the gun on himself.
  • A few months later, Joel and Ellie are discovered in the countryside near Jackson, Wyoming, where Tommy is staying with a group of freelance survivors.

  • We learn that Joel and Tommy’s argument over the fireflies led to their breakup. Joel disagreed with the reason, while Tommy disagreed. But when Tommy recognizes Joel in Jackson, he gives him a warm welcome and asks Ellie and him to join the neighborhood.
  • Tommy has to bring Ellie to the Fireflies so they can make a vaccine, Joel tells Tommy, because she’s immune. Tommy offers to lend Joel some equipment for the trip but refuses to give Joel custody of Ellie.
  • Ellie attacks Joel when she learns he tried to pass her on to Tommy because she felt betrayed by a man she came to see as a father figure.
  • Ellie brings Joel’s late daughter Sarah during their heated feud. Joel rudely tells Ellie that she is not his daughter and that they should separate.
  • Soon after, he changes his mind, and he and Ellie ride their horses to Colorado, where Tommy believes many of the Fireflies are stationed.

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