All gameplay and agent changes in Valorant Patch 6.02

Lots of vital changes have been made by Riot Games in the latest Valorant Patch 6.02. First, Riot Games has finally addressed the issue with a high ping that allows it to record captures even after defaulting to covers by reducing Maximum server return time From 200ms to 140ms. The other notable feature of the patch notes is the change of vitals Voice evaluation A feature used to check toxic voice chat into beta.

All gameplay changes and fixes in Valorant Patch 6.02

Although there are many changes in the upcoming Valorant Patch 6.02, we have highlighted some of the major changes in the list below.

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  • As mentioned earlier, the highlight of the patch update is the modification of the maximum server return from 200ms to 140ms. Doing so will allow players with low ping to feel safer and avoid being shot after reaching cover from high ping players, as they will now face inaccuracy of the hit.
  • Frenzy and Bulldog couldn’t be quieter while reloading in third person view.
  • Fixed an issue where voice chat would usually crash after disconnecting from the internet.

All proxy bug fixes in Valorant Patch 6.02

  • Yoru Fakeout will no longer hang in mid-air when activated.
  • The Raze Boom Bot has improved pathfinding capabilities and will no longer get stuck in a wall, causing unnecessary noise.
  • KAY/O will accurately display the number and images of enemies hit by Zero/Point.
  • Cypher Natural Theft will only reveal the location of enemies once and will be interrupted if Cypher is killed after deployment.

All map bug fixes in Valorant Patch 6.02

  • Players will not make footsteps while jumping from the Lotus B site platform into the fountain.
  • All door sizes in the Lotus have been reduced during rotation.
  • Longer players will appear on the wrong side of Barrier C after the end of the round.
  • Users will no longer see the Paul Delmann badge after the end of the purchase phase.

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Audio evaluation feature to enter the beta phase with patch 6.02

As mentioned earlier, the other major feature of the patch is shifting the audio evaluation feature into the beta stage. Riot Games launched the feature last June, 2022 as a back-end feature for training their language models. A year later, this feature gets further enhancements to assist developers with data collection capabilities and identify inappropriate behavior exhibited by players using all trained data, playing a vital role in reducing overall toxicity in the Valorant community. As of now, the Voice Evaluation beta is only available in north america, With plans for further expansion.

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