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A few days after BIG Games found itself on the hook for offering a paid channel for its Discord server, the company has come under fire again – this time, for $350. the Plush balloon Titanic cat It comes in two colors, red and blue, and is currently listed on Digital Great game store as “soon”. Since discovering this lavish product in early February, fans online have voiced their opinion on its “exorbitant” price, knocking it down by $100 — it now retails for $250.

Although CEO of BIG Games and creator of Pet Simulator X, Preston denial that the price had been changed due to fan outcry, and instead stating that the $350 price tag was not intended to be definitive, fans took to Twitter to rally together in their united distaste for the company’s “money-hungry behaviour”. In response to a tweet From the popular news account Roblox_RTC announcing that many super Roblox YouTubers and developers have popped up to express their concerns and thoughts as well, stating the following:

“kids game btw lol.”

Creek Craft

“Nah that’s just messed up tbh. Don’t buy that.”

Share Blocks

“Just a sticky move from Preston. Absolutely ridiculous.”


“I don’t know why people [even] Play this game knowing that they will never be able to beat those with the money.”


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“No amount of words can sum up how ridiculous this is. Nothing can justify paying $350 for a velor. In most cases, marigolds cost $50 per unit but let’s be real. Probably not near that cost. This is pretty slimy.” “


“He starves money so much… that’s ridiculous.”


“This doesn’t look right.”


“This looks even worse on Preston, because it shows he’s really lost the value of real money.”

Mia Goebel (iGottic)

While many outside the Roblox space assume that society consists of children who are unaware or unaware of the world around them, and the realities that come with it, this has been proven far from the truth time and time again, especially when it comes to situations. Like this comes to the surface. As experiences like Pet Simulator X, that profit from taking advantage of young audiences, continue to thrive across the Roblox platform, these young community members, often minors, are forced to fend for themselves and others like them, making formulations Similar to the following:

“Maybe you can use that money for: paying a bill/s, buying a good device/console, a great gift for a friend or family member, a really nice dinner, a few nights in a hotel, a charity…or roblox plush”.

At the time this article was published, it was not known if the price of the Titanic Balloon Cat Plush would continue to drop, or when it would go on sale, but given the constant negative feedback coming from fans, notable creators, and influencers, it could change back in the days. or the coming weeks.

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