Do dialogue choices matter in Hogwarts Legacy?

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Hogwarts Legacy Stories and Its Prequel Index, Harry Potter Book series, which seem to have similar themes. Exploring the grounds of Hogwarts Castle and solving mysteries remains the general background for both tales. They both don’t shy away from heavy subjects either. For example, the fact of death or seeking to cheat it, whatever the consequences. Hogwarts Legacy puts you in the driving seat. Can you shape the story by the choices you make or how you interact with its other characters? Read on and find out.

Does what you say matter in Hogwarts Legacy?

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sometimesAnd But not often. Certain dialogue choices only seem to add flavor to the story, allowing you to fully realize your fantasy of being a kind-hearted soul or amazingly selfish. If you respond to NPCs in a certain way or selfishly, they will respond to you accordingly.

Your choices may also slightly affect the additional options available to you. For example, one of the first real choices you have via dialogue is whether to tell Deputy Headmaster Weasley about your travels to ancient ruins at the beginning of the story. If you hide the truth from her, it will slightly change the dialogue options available to you when Fig confronts you about your discussion with the Vice Headmaster.

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Beyond that, there are some situations where you can choose to serve yourself and be rewarded, like when you bring back Cressidia’s diary in flying off the shelves Side goal. You’ll get a new piece of equipment if you effortlessly return the diary to her. But, if you wish, you can also extort a finder’s fee of 300 gallons from her if you threaten to reveal her secrets.

Should you tell the truth or lie in Hogwarts Legacy?

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Hogwarts Legacy will certainly allow you to act less than socially acceptable within the game. However, the consequences of those actions may alter the narrative of your time at Hogwarts. The decision to risk these consequences is yours alone.

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