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Roblox ARPG Pixel Piece is inspired by the classic anime title One Piece. It’s a fast-paced game of exploration and combat, where you level up your character to improve their fighting skills so you can sail to new islands and take on bigger, more rewarding mobs and bosses. You will also complete missions and gain powerful fruits and other items to help your development, which includes becoming a marine. Below we will explain how to get a Sailor Certificate in Pixel Piece so that you can do so.

How to get a pixel piece sailor certificate

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To get a Pixel Piece sailor certificate, you need to go to Shell City Island And defeat the mob boss Morgan. To get to Shell’s Town Island, sail directly Southwest from the starting site pixel island piece, or just west of Baratie. Once you get there, you will easily find mob boss Nurgan in the west as it is a small island. In addition, his health bar will appear on the screen when you are close. Once Nurgan is defeated, he will drop his Sailor Certificate.

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It is desirable to have Level 15 or higher To counter mobs on the island. And if you’re around that level, you might want to take on Norgan as part of a group because he’s a tough boss at the lower levels. Once you get your sailor certificate, and 10,000 billyyou can go to NPC Anthony (who is also on the same island) and their trading with him become a Marine. You just need to talk to him, and when he asks if you want to become a marine, answer Yes.

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