How to solve the brass bridge riddle in Hogwarts Legacy

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Hogwarts is full of secrets to discover and mysteries to solve, and by doing so, you just might be able to collect some special loot, like powerful gear or skins that you can change your gear into. You may have noticed one puzzle on the Viaduct Courtyard Bridge where you can spin cogs connected to brass on either side. However, you must pay attention to every little detail to pull it all together. We’ve put together this guide to help you figure it out step by step.

How to solve the mystery of the bridge fire in the Viaduct Courtyard at Hogwarts Legacy

The Viaduct connects the Great Hall to the Library Annex. Find it on your map and access it easily with Floo Quick Travel. On the bridge, you’ll notice brasses on both sides with some interesting pediments underneath. Each brass has a specific symbol, and when you interact with them, it switches the Roman numerals dial attached to the brass. The first step to complete this puzzle is to locate the board on the floor and reveal the numbers you need to match to each symbol. You’ll notice them on both ends of the bridge.

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Looking at the board, you will notice that each icon has a number under it. This is what you will need to switch on each burner in order to unlock the secret. However, you will notice that you cannot spin discs on the stove without fire. There is only one burner currently lit which you can swap. You will need to use a fire spell to light the others.

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You can learn Incendio by following the main tasks. You will have to discuss what Professor Fig has discovered about the locket and complete the side quest from Professor Hecate. Once you have the talisman, go back to the bridge and use it to light the rest of the stove. Now you can rotate the discs accordingly. After painting, each disk should be swapped as follows:

  • triangle: 1
  • Double circles and stick: 2
  • Triangle with intersection: 3
  • Diamonds with intersecting wands: 4

Once all the braziers have the appropriate numbers matching the symbols, the board on the floor will open, revealing a ladder you can go down. At the bottom, you will find several chests, including a larger chest that contains some high-level loot. You will also complete the exploration challenge.

Keep your eyes peeled for more small details and puzzles to solve around the castle. They often result in worthwhile loot for your character and check out unique challenges that also offer rewards.

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