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“The Last of Us” Episode 4 Review: Joel and Ellie’s relationship deepens as a new antagonist develops. Still for “The Last of Us” by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey (HBO)

Last week’s fantastic Los Angeles episode The Last of Us in California focused on Bill and Frank’s sweet relationship and how they survived a post-apocalyptic world using love.

Joel learns from the letter he and Ellie discovered in Bill and Frank’s house that he needs someone to take care of him in order to survive in this cruel world.

In the latest episode, Joel learns more about Ellie (Bella Ramsey), and as a result, we watch how he begins to defend her like she’s

Although some viewers may find this episode a bit slow, it still manages to maintain the excellent quality that “The Last of Us” is known for. In the latest episode, “Please Hold My Hand,” Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie continue their journey as they plan for the future.

They stop to rest among some trees and stay there for the night. The next morning, they begin the trek and Joel encourages Ellie to keep looking at the map so they can figure out the easiest way to get to Wyoming.

However, things get strange when they find that a tunnel leading to the highway has been blocked by a lot of vehicles. After taking a look at the surroundings, Joel suggests they need to take another path and get back on the road.

The last of us

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The Last of Us: Joel and Ellie’s connection

But when Joel realizes that they are in danger because they are surrounded by members of the gang known as “The Hunters”, which is led by Kathleen, everything turns upside down (Melanie Lynskey).

A man tries to call them for help when they start to walk away from the scene by appearing to be injured. Joel felt that this was a trap, and that was exactly what it was.

A few group members ambush them, forcing them to abandon their car. Fortunately, Joel and Ellie managed to kill them, but now they need to keep moving in order to stay safe.

Although there are no action packed scenes in this episode, it manages to create an exciting mood and set up the events that will happen in the following episodes.

However, as they both continue to evolve as people, it’s fun to see the relationship between Joel and Ellie. The couple also began to get along and show interest in each other.

Kathleen, the ruthless captain in “The Hunters”, is also introduced to the audience in “Please Hold My Hand”. The character possesses both compassion and vulnerability.

She seems like a great addition to the show, and her presence indicates that Joel and Ellie will face many dangerous and difficult circumstances in the coming weeks. Naturally, we’d love to see Kathleen and Joel at odds with each other.

It’s interesting to watch the development of Joel and Ellie’s relationship.

The “awkwardly comic” gags Ramsey tells throughout the episode are brutally excellent and show why she is still the heart and soul of the programme. Ellie makes Joel laugh with her song “No Pun Intended: Volume Too” and lightens the mood.

This is exactly what we hoped to see from the start. By contrast, Pedro Pascal is very captivating. There is not a single flaw in his portrayal of Joel.

However, Melanie Lynskey’s portrayal of Kathleen steals the show and makes a great addition to the cast. We’re interested to see how this character heightens the tension between the two and the audience.

Overall, Episode 4 “The Last of Us” puts more emphasis on building and teaches viewers a lot about the neighborhood and its residents. Joel and Ellie’s friendship grows stronger, and they become more intimate. However, in order for it to have an impact that lasts, we undoubtedly want “The Hunters” to be as captivating as it was in the game.

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The Last of Us: Episodes

It seems for much of this week’s episode of “The Last of Us” that not much will happen and that we might just see “The Chill Road-Trip Adventures of Joel and Ellie” this week. They took a little Hank Williams.

Ellie learns how to siphon gas from parked cars from Joel, but smiles sinisterly and says, “You don’t know,” when he clumsily tries to explain the physics involved.

They have been consuming some Chef Boyardee ravioli for the last 20 years. (It’s awesome!) Ellie makes fun of Joel with quips like, “What did the mermaid wear to math class?” After she uncovers a pun at a petrol station. Moss bra

But the fun can’t stay forever. About a third of the way into the episode, our heroes encounter a dead end in Kansas City. As they try to find a different route through the city center, they are ambushed and subsequently caught in the crossfire of a power struggle between the militias.

They wreck Bill’s truck in the first scuffle. Maybe they should have gone through Des Moines, all things considered.

By the time the credits roll, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the situation Joel and Ellie are in. We are aware that the Kavkaz Center militia is located in the quarantine zone abandoned by FEDRA and that its armored vehicles have the slogan “We the People”.

We realize her boss Kathleen (Melanie Lynskey) is executing her former family doctor for being too cold.

We realize that Kathleen is looking for “collaborators” at FEDRA and that as part of her mission, she is looking for Henry, who is with Sam: a young man who, allegedly, draws pictures of Henry and himself as superheroes.

We realize that Henry and Sam have recently been hiding in a structure whose concrete base is cracking and warping, possibly as a result of Cordyceps subsurface/infested activity. We also know that Joel and Ellie will have to deal with both firearms next week after the episode teaser.

The last of us
The last of us

The Last of Us: A Review

  • More important to the story this week was that the troubles in Kansas City deepened Joel and Ellie’s friendship, making them more honest with each other, which is a pretty safe assumption given that there are still five episodes left.
  • After shooting his way out of immediate danger, Joel is attacked by an assailant who nearly kills him by choking him. Ellie shoots but does not kill the attacker, as she can no longer hide her gun. One of the cats is now out of the bag.
  • In an apparent attempt to humanize himself, the attacker identifies himself as Brian and begs for his life before telling Ellie, “We can trade with you! We can get along!”—Ellie feels reluctant to kill him.
  • But Joel has experience playing the survival game. Taking Elle’s gun away, he orders her to hide behind a wall so that she will not witness the brutality of his knife attack.
  • More candor is pushed to the surface by the situation. Joel discovers that Eli is not the wide-eyed innocent he thinks he thinks, which causes him to lament the burden that Eli must have felt for shooting someone for the first time.
  • In fact, you have offended someone in the past. He has to be honest with himself and admit that he clearly needed her more than he intended, especially given her preparation for the shoot.
The last of us
The last of us

The Last of Us: Conspiracy

Unfortunately for them both, who is this Brian? It was certainly a very good sign that his mother was Kathleen when he offered to take her to her before she was gone. (Her faint response at the sight of his dead body more or less supports him.) There is no way you won’t bother them later.

By the end of the episode, as they climb 33 flights of stairs in a skyscraper in search of a safe place to sleep, Joel and Ellie become more confident that they can stand up for each other.

Naturally, this happened when two new guys with guns, one apparently in his twenties and the other just a boy, woke them up in the middle of the night. Given that the young man is wearing a painted superhero mask, they are most likely Henry and Sam.

This kind of existential danger was present even when Joel and Ellie were simply driving along largely empty roads and cracking jokes. Although they could not rest without constantly fearing that something or someone was waiting to end their journey nearby.

Ellie plays an important role in this drama because of Bella Ramsey’s multi-faceted performance. She is not afraid. Rather, she appreciates the life she is still living.

She has an amazing amount of pre-apocalyptic knowledge, enough to be able to tell jokes about the gay porn magazine she discovers in Bill’s truck.

However, she also overly romanticizes the past. Ellie excitedly asks, “Where did you go?” After Joel mentioned how in the past they never ran out of petrol and people could drive for over an hour on a full tank. “Absolutely nowhere” was the response.

At one point, Joel makes it clear that he keeps living “for the family” even though he doesn’t believe this fallen planet can ever rise again, while simultaneously telling Ellie adamantly that she’s just a “charge”.

It’s hard not to find Ellie likable, but it’s clear that his attitude is changing. Cooperating with her has become more than just a duty.

Of course, people like Kathleen have families of their own. There’s a good chance things could get more complicated.

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