Myths of Moonrise Symbols (February 2023)

Looking for a horror-themed match-3 game with a deep storyline and alliance battles? Then welcome to Myths of Moonrise! Increase the size and prosperity of your city by choosing your heroes and entering match-3 battles, then train and send your troops to explore the world and gain more wealth! Can you become the most powerful hero on your server?

Myths of moonrise redemption codes tend to grant various rewards, including free resources, diamond chests, speed-ups, books, and mana shields. They can be used to improve your structures, speed up progress such as building troops and buildings, and defending your city. If you like free mobile RPG games, check out our hero guide for Eternal Evolution.

List of all moon legends

Updated February 7, 2023

A new symbol has been added.

Mythology Symbols of Moonrise (work)

These are all working moon legends codes.

  • Olly Gift 0202—Redeem for multiple rewards (new)
  • 2023—Redeem for multiple rewards
  • free gifts—Redeem for multiple rewards
  • a surprise—Redeem for multiple rewards

Moonrise Codes Legends (Expired)

These are expired codes for Myths of Moonrise.

  • Olly Gift 0109-This code has expired
  • Oly Gift 910-This code has expired
  • First Gift 1229-This code has expired
  • Oly Gift 1220-This code has expired

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How to redeem codes in Myths of Moonrise

Follow the instructions below to redeem your codes Moonrise legends.

Image courtesy of Pro Game Guides
  1. Launching moonrise legends.
  2. tap on Photograph in the upper left corner.
  3. Click on gear settings button at the bottom right of the screen.
  4. Click the recovery code icon in the upper right.
  5. In the Redeem code text boxEnter the code exactly as it appears in the list above.
  6. Click on recovery button To claim your prize!

How can you get more Myths of Moonrise codes?

If you want to try finding codes for your Myths of Moonrise owl, you can start by following these steps @employee On Twitter, liking Moonrise legends on Facebook, and become part of the official Moonrise legends Discord server (which has a redeem code channel). You can also follow Moon legends on Instagram and visit the official Myths of Moonrise website.

Why aren’t my Myths of Moonrise codes working?

If you try to enter one of our Myths of Moonrise codes and it doesn’t work, it could be because of a typo. If you misspell a letter with a number or miss a capital letter, it will invalidate the code, so try to cut and paste it if possible. If you got the code right and it still doesn’t work, it’s likely expired. Don’t worry, because we’re constantly looking for new icons, so check back soon!

Other ways to get free rewards in Myths of Moonrise

There are many other ways to get free rewards in Myths of Moonrise. You will get 300 diamonds by joining an alliance, which you can do by clicking Join the alliance bottom right of the home screen. You will also like Click the calendar icon Each day in the upper right of the screen, which opens a file List of benefits. Here you can get a bunch of free items regularly, including daily items Gift for 7 daysand your randomness Daily rewards Just log in.

What are the legends of moonrise?

Myths of Moonrise is a match 3 game in the style of gothic horror with a lot of bonus elements. There are RPG and city builder elements, where you use resources to expand your city to gain more troops and resources. You send these troops to the world map to explore and find more valuable items, and once you join an alliance, to fight with other alliances.

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