Themis Tears The Cozy Couple’s Getaway I event guide

The Tears of Themis Cozy Couple’s Getaway I event starts from Feb 6And 2023And until February 20thAnd 2023, and is open to all attorneys who have completed X-Note Main Story 2-28. During the action, you can travel with Vyn or Marius to explore the picturesque world of Varnai. This is a time-constrained and AP-heavy event, so we recommend not putting it off until the last minute.

How to Complete The Tears of Themis Cozy Couple’s Getaway I

Choosing a travel route

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Access the action from the Cozy Couple’s Getaway button at the top of the X-Note. As you start out, you have to make a difficult decision: should you travel with Finn or Marius?

If you start playing on day one and play regularly every six to 12 hours, you will Enough time to complete both tracks. However, you can just do one way at a timeAnd you can’t change halfway. We highly recommend choosing your favorite male hero to make sure you have plenty of time to have fun his way.

If you like both Vyn and Marius equally, keep in mind that you can only use cards associated with the chosen hero during the debates and you will only be rewarded with skill leveling materials for the card related to him.

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Scenic locations and scenery

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Once in Varnai, click the landmarks of the city at the bottom right of the screen to choose any of them available A scenic spot of your choice to enjoy. Once you have chosen a sightseeing destination, you cannot change it until all discussions within it have been completed. Every scenic spot has voice dialogue (except JP) for your enjoyment, so turn up the volume!

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Once you choose a scenic spot, click Exclamation mark to engage in discussion. costs of each discussion 30 ap And you can just Use your travel partner cards In both the main decks and the supporting cast. Debates will reward you with items to level up your partner’s card skills. Quickly complete all three discussions to start the timer for your next destination.

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After completing a scenic spot, it is the shortest waiting time to move to the next one Six hours. You can use a file swipe To bypass the waiting time, but you will only get one for free after completing the tutorial. Additional express passes can be purchased from February 14th onwards. The travel path will end after all the scenic spots are completed.


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Click on travel diaries at the bottom right of the event page and claim rewards for the scenic spots you have completed. There are several pages in the travel diary, so flip through them to find the rewards you are looking for.

After completing the travel path, you will be rewarded with R card for male event lead: Finn ‘Bright Flame’ or Marius ‘Flower Fragrance’. Completing both tracks will reward you with a limited “Full of Emotions” badge.

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