Tripura Disenfranchised Under Congress, Communist Rule, Now Developed: Bharatiya Janata Party

Speaking at a press conference at the BJP headquarters here, along with the Director of the Center for Public Policy Research, Sumit Basin, as the center’s research report on public welfare and development work done in Tripura under the BJP government was released, he said that Congress has ruled the country. for 60 years. years, but it did not give a prominent place to the Northeast on the national agenda.

He said, “Congress instituted a policy of ‘Look East’ but did not try to tie it to the reality of the land. Prime Minister Narendra Modi changed the policy to ‘act east’ and made the north-eastern region a gateway to the country’s development.”

Sonowal claimed that during Congress and Communist rule, Tripura was a “deprived state”, but “now, under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership and direction, the twin-engine government of BJP Tripura has taken towards a prosperous, happy and developed state.” Tripura. PM gave HIRA mantra to develop North East That is, highways, the Internet, railroads, and airlines.”

The BJP cited the many achievements and initiatives of the party government in the past five years, which have completely transformed the country “by successfully ushering in an inclusive, development-oriented and corruption-free governance”.

On the report ‘The Difference We Made in Tripura’, from PPRC, Bhasin said that since 2018, the BJP-led government has spared no effort to ensure electricity connections to all remaining unelectrified homes in rural and urban areas to achieve universal household electrification, while building more of 4.53 household latrines since October 2, 2014, and more than 4 cottages supplied with tap water connections since August 15, 2019.

In the field of education, the BJP has established the International Polytechnic Institute, the National Law University and the National University of Forensic Science Center in Agartala, he said.

Tripura has strengthened the health infrastructure by increasing the number of primary health centers from 83 in 2018 to 117 in 2022, increasing the staff strength of Tripura health services, and expanding 24*7 ambulance services.

The BJP also highlighted the massive infrastructure development in the state, such as the construction of 22,787 km of roads under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana, the construction of the international terminal at the Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport and the Mitri Setu over the Veni River.

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