How to find Red Bromeliad in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, each biome has its own set of flora and fauna. Some of these flowers can be difficult to purchase while others are easy to find. Collecting these flowers and keeping them in your inventory can come in handy later on. Most of these flowers are required not only for crafting purposes but for completing friendship quests for other characters. Here’s how to find Red Bromeliad in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to find Red Bromeliad in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Red bromeliad is a type of flower that grows wild Sunlit hill. You can only find these flowers on a sunlit plateau, so be sure to unlock this biome. To open it, you will need 7000 Dreamlite To remove those nocturnal thorns that block access to this biome. You should be able to spot the colorful scarlet flowers as soon as you enter this biome. But if not, search the area after the wooden bridges to find Red Bromeliads.

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You will need these flowers to complete the quest, A Place for Joy Olaf. Red Bromeliads are one of the flowers required to make Olaf’s bouquet. Apart from this, Red Bromeliad is also needed for other crafting recipes such as:

  • Red mailbox: To craft this, you will need a red bromeliad with two iron ingots and 10 hardwood.
  • Red, white and purple flower oblong: To craft this, you’ll need a red Bromeliad, two Purple Ascending Penstemons, two White Impatiens, and a Rectangular Soil.

You can also sell Red Bromeliads for 27 star coins at any of Goofy’s kiosks or gift these flowers to any Disney character to increase your friendship level.

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