The AirTag feature helps track down a stolen vehicle in the United States

Police were able to track down the stolen car because of the owner’s AirTag inside, but the thieves then crashed it during a high-speed chase, AppleInsider reports.

Antar Mohamed’s Toyota Camry was stolen by three thieves, which was later discovered through neighbours’ doorbell camera footage.

Muhammad was quoted as saying, “We woke up and I looked outside and asked my wife, ‘Do you know your car is no longer in the driveway?'”

Muhammad also mentioned that he puts AirTags on everything, from the car to the new luggage.

He added, “I’m able to tell exactly where it is, and actually zoom in and pick out where the car is parked almost exactly.”

The report said the thieves were arrested and the weapons found in the car were taken away by the police.

In June last year, AirTags helped a man locate and recover a stolen Range Rover in Canada.

Meanwhile, last month, the tracker helped save a dog lost in a major flood in California, by directing rescuers to its location.

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