Warframe Promo Codes List (February 2023) – Glyph Codes, Free Items, and More!

Image via Digital Extremes

Few free-to-play titles have the staying power that Warframe has. Players can use a variety of traversal moves, weapons, and abilities to take down hordes of enemies alone or in groups throughout this addictive title. Still, those looking to customize their Warframes would do well to grab some codes for accessible Glyphs in-game.

Players that want freebies in Warframe will want to know about promo codes! Promo codes work on any platform, including Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC, and Xbox One! The Pro Game Guides Warframe promo codes catalog features all of the currently working codes that will get you decorations, glyphs, and cosmetics for this Digital Extremes title. If you like this title, then check out Destiny 2 Codes.

All Warframe Codes List

Most of the codes in Warframe offer Glyphs that you can display all over your ship! While there are other code types, most codes offer cosmetics in Warfram. To get these codes and add them to your account, you can click on the link to head to the redemption page for the Glyphs that pique your interest.

Warframe Codes (Working)

  • PARVOS—Redeem for a Golden Hand decoration
  • AdmiralBahroo—Redeem for a AdmiralBahroo Glyph
  • AGayGuyPlays—Redeem for a AGayGuyPlays Glyph
  • AlainLove—Redeem for a AlainLove Glyph
  • AlexanderDario—Redeem for a AlexanderDario Glyph
  • Amprov—Redeem for a Amprov Glyph
  • AngryUnicorn—Redeem for a AngryUnicorn Glyph
  • AnjetCat—Redeem for a AnjetCat Glyph
  • AnnoyingKillah—Redeem for a AnnoyingKillah Glyph
  • AshiSogiTenno—Redeem for a AshiSogiTenno Glyph
  • Avelna—Redeem for a Avelna Glyph
  • Aznitrous—Redeem for a Aznitrous Glyph
  • BigJimID—Redeem for a BigJimID Glyph
  • BlackOni—Redeem for a BlackOni Glyph
  • BrazilCommunityDiscordBricky—Redeem for a BrazilCommunityDiscordBricky Glyph
  • Bricky—Redeem for a Bricky Glyph
  • BrotherDaz—Redeem for a BrotherDaz Glyph
  • Brozime—Redeem for a Brozime Glyph
  • BrunBxx—Redeem for a BrunBxx Glyph
  • Bwana—Redeem for a Bwana Glyph
  • CephalonSquared—Redeem for a CephalonSquared Glyph
  • CGsKnackie—Redeem for a CGsKnackie Glyph
  • ChacyTay—Redeem for a ChacyTay Glyph
  • Char—Redeem for a Char Glyph
  • Cleonaturin—Redeem for a Cleonaturin Glyph
  • CohhCarnage—Redeem for a CohhCarnage Glyph
  • ColdScar—Redeem for a ColdScar Glyph
  • ColdTiger—Redeem for a ColdTiger Glyph
  • ConclaveDiscord—Redeem for a ConclaveDiscord Glyph
  • CopyKavat—Redeem for a CopyKavat Glyph
  • Cpt_Kim—Redeem for a Cpt_Kim Glyph
  • DanielTheDemon—Redeem for a DanielTheDemon Glyph
  • DasterCreations—Redeem for a DasterCreations Glyph
  • DayJobo—Redeem for a DayJobo Glyph
  • DebbySheen—Redeem for a DebbySheen Glyph
  • Deejayknight—Redeem for a Deejayknight Glyph
  • DeepBlueBeard—Redeem for a DeepBlueBeard Glyph
  • DeuceTheGamer—Redeem for a DeuceTheGamer Glyph
  • DillyFrame—Redeem for a DillyFrame Glyph
  • DimitriV2—Redeem for a DimitriV2 Glyph
  • DjTechLive—Redeem for a DjTechLive Glyph
  • DKDiamantes—Redeem for a DKDiamantes Glyph
  • DNexus—Redeem for a DNexus Glyph
  • Eduiy16—Redeem for a Eduiy16 Glyph
  • ElDanker—Redeem for a ElDanker Glyph
  • ElGrineerExiliado—Redeem for a ElGrineerExiliado Glyph
  • Elnoraeleo—Redeem for a Elnoraeleo Glyph
  • Emovj—Redeem for a Emovj Glyph
  • EmpyreanCap—Redeem for a EmpyreanCap Glyph
  • ExtraCredits—Redeem for a ExtraCredits Glyph
  • FacelessBeanie—Redeem for a FacelessBeanie Glyph
  • FashionFrameIsEndGame—Redeem for a FashionFrameIsEndGame Glyph
  • FeelLikeAPlayer—Redeem for a FeelLikeAPlayer Glyph
  • FloofyDwagon—Redeem for a FloofyDwagon Glyph
  • FromThe70s—Redeem for a FromThe70s Glyph
  • FrostyNovaPrime—Redeem for a FrostyNovaPrime Glyph
  • Frozenballz—Redeem for a Frozenballz Glyph
  • Gara—Redeem for a Gara Glyph
  • GermanCommunityDiscord—Redeem for a GermanCommunityDiscord Glyph
  • GlamShatterSkull—Redeem for a GlamShatterSkull Glyph
  • Golden—Redeem for a Golden Glyph
  • GrindHardSquad—Redeem for a GrindHardSquad Glyph
  • HappinessDark—Redeem for a HappinessDark Glyph
  • H3DSH0T—Redeem for a H3DSH0T Glyph
  • Homiinvocado—Redeem for a Homiinvocado Glyph
  • HotShomStories—Redeem for a HotShomStories Glyph
  • Hydroxate—Redeem for a Hydroxate Glyph
  • Iflynn—Redeem for a Iflynn Glyphph
  • IISlip—Redeem for a IISlip Glyph
  • Ikedo—Redeem for a Ikedo Glyph
  • InfoDiversao—Redeem for a InfoDiversao Glyph
  • IWoply—Redeem for a IWoply Glyph
  • JoeyZero—Redeem for a JoeyZero Glyph
  • Joriale—Redeem for a Joriale Glyph
  • JustRLC—Redeem for a JustRLC Glyph
  • K1llerBarbie—Redeem for a K1llerBarbie Glyph
  • KavatsSchroedinger—Redeem for a KavatsSchroedinger Glyph
  • KingGothaLion—Redeem for a KingGothaLion Glyph
  • Kiwad—Redeem for a Kiwad Glyph
  • Kr1ptonPlayer—Redeem for a Kr1ptonPlayer Glyph
  • LadyTheLaddy—Redeem for a LadyTheLaddy Glyph
  • LeoDoodling—Redeem for a LeoDoodling Glyph
  • LeyzarGamingViews—Redeem for a LeyzarGamingViews Glyph
  • L1feWater—Redeem for a Glyph
  • LilLexi—Redeem for a LilLexi Glyph
  • LynxAria—Redeem for a LynxAria Glyph
  • Macho—Redeem for a Macho Glyph
  • MadFury—Redeem for a MadFury Glyph
  • Makarimorph—Redeem for a Makarimorph Glyph
  • MCGamerCZ—Redeem for a MCGamerCZ Glyph
  • McMonkeys—Redeem for a McMonkeys Glyph
  • MHBlacky—Redeem for a MHBlacky Glyph
  • MichelPostma—Redeem for a MichelPostma Glyph
  • MikeTheBard—Redeem for a MikeTheBard Glyph
  • MissFwuffy—Redeem for a MissFwuffy Glyph
  • Mogamu—Redeem for a Mogamu Glyph
  • MrSteelWar—Redeem for a MrSteelWar Glyph
  • MrWarframeGuy—Redeem for a MrWarframeGuy Glyph
  • NoSympathyy—Redeem for a NoSympathyy Glyph
  • OddieOwl—Redeem for a OddieOwl Glyph
  • OriginalWickedFun—Redeem for a OriginalWickedFun Glyph
  • OrpheusDeluxe—Redeem for a OrpheusDeluxe Glyph
  • PammyJammy—Redeem for a PammyJammy Glyph
  • PokketNinja—Redeem for a PokketNinja Glyph
  • PostiTV—Redeem for a PostiTV Glyph
  • Pyrah—Redeem for a Pyrah Glyph
  • ProfessorBroman—Redeem for a ProfessorBroman Glyph
  • QTCC—Redeem for a QTCC Glyph
  • QTCC2—Redeem for a QTCC2 Glyph
  • RagingTerror—Redeem for a RagingTerror Glyph
  • Rahetalius—Redeem for a Rahetalius Glyph
  • RainbowWaffles—Redeem for a RainbowWaffles Glyph
  • RebelDustyPinky—Redeem for a RebelDustyPinky Glyph
  • Relentlesszen—Redeem for a Relentlesszen Glyph
  • ReyGanso—Redeem for a ReyGanso Glyph
  • Rippz0r—Redeem for a Rippz0r Glyph
  • Ritens—Redeem for a Ritens Glyph
  • RoyalPrat—Redeem for a RoyalPrat Glyph
  • RustyFin—Redeem for a RustyFin Glyph
  • R/Warframe—Redeem for a Warframe Glyph
  • Sapmatic—Redeem for a Sapmatic Glyph
  • SarahTsang—Redeem for a SarahTsang Glyph
  • SerdarSari—Redeem for a SerdarSari Glyph
  • Sharlazard—Redeem for a Sharlazard Glyph
  • ShenZhao—Redeem for a ShenZhao Glyph
  • Sherpa—Redeem for a Sherpa Glyph
  • Shul—Redeem for a Shul Glyph
  • SillFix—Redeem for a SillFix Glyph
  • SkillUp—Redeem for a SkillUp Glyph
  • Smoodie—Redeem for a Smoodie Glyph
  • Sn0wRC—Redeem for a Sn0wRC Glyph
  • Strippin—Redeem for a Strippin Glyph
  • StudioCyen—Redeem for a StudioCyen Glyph
  • TacticalPotato—Redeem for a TacticalPotato Glyph
  • Tanchan—Redeem for a Tanchan Glyph
  • TBGKaru—Redeem for a TBGKaru Glyph
  • TinBears—Redeem for a TinBears Glyph
  • TeaWrex—Redeem for a TeaWrex Glyph
  • TennoForever—Redeem for a TennoForever Glyph
  • TheGamio—Redeem for a TheGamio Glyph
  • TioMario—Redeem for a TioMario Glyph
  • TioRamon—Redeem for a TioRamon Glyph
  • TotalN3wb—Redeem for a TotalN3wb Glyph
  • ToxickToe—Redeem for a ToxickToe Glyph
  • TrashFrame—Redeem for a TrashFrame Glyph
  • Triburos—Redeem for a Triburos Glyph
  • UnrealYuki—Redeem for a UnrealYuki Glyph
  • VAMP6X6X6X—Redeem for a VAMP6X6X6X Glyph
  • Vamppire—Redeem for a Vamppire Glyph
  • Vernoc—Redeem for a Vernoc Glyph
  • VoidFissureBR—Redeem for a Glyph
  • VoliRedeem for a Redeem Glyph
  • VoltTheHero—Redeem for a VoltTheHero Glyph
  • VVhiteAngel—Redeem for a VVhiteAngel Glyph
  • Wanderbots—Redeem for a Wanderbots Glyph
  • Wanderbots—Redeem for a Wanderbots Glyph
  • WarframeCommunityDiscord—Redeem for a WarframeCommunityDiscord Glyph
  • WarframeRunway—Redeem for a WarframeRunway Glyph
  • WarframeWiki—Redeem for a WarframeWiki Glyph
  • WideScreenJohn—Redeem for a WideScreenJohn Glyph
  • Woxli—Redeem for a Woxli Glyph
  • Xenogelion—Redeem for a Xenogelion Glyph
  • Zarionis—Redeem for a Zarionis Glyph
  • Zxpfer—Redeem for a Zxpfer Glyph

Warframe Codes (Expired)

  • Discord100k—Redeem for an in-game reward
  • Year 8 Anniversary—Redeem for an in-game reward
  • Cott-Brozime—Redeem for an in-game reward
  • Conquer—Redeem for an in-game reward
  • Earson—Redeem for an in-game reward
  • False Profit—Redeem for an in-game reward
  • Summit1G—Redeem for an in-game reward
  • Wealth—Redeem for an in-game reward
  • HOD-Triburos—Redeem for an in-game reward
  • WF20-4Gamer—Redeem for an in-game reward
  • Reddit—Redeem for a Reddit Glyph
  • Bikeman—Redeem for a Bikeman Glyph
  • FalseProfit—Redeem for a FalseProfit Glyph
  • GuardianCon2018—Redeem for a GuardianCon2018 Glyph
  • InexpensiveGamer—Redeem for an InexpensiveGamer Glyph
  • LaborOfLove—Redeem for a LaborOfLove Glyph
  • Leyzar-dlp—Redeem for a Leyzar-dlp Glyph
  • M C I K—Redeem for a M C I K Glyph
  • N00blShowtek—Redeem for a N00blShowtek Glyph
  • Sp00nerism—Redeem for a Sp00nerism Glyph
  • Summit1G—Redeem for a Summit1G Glyph
  • TheDeadHaveDebts—Redeem for a TheDeadHaveDebts Glyph
  • Tweet4Tenno—Redeem for a Tweet4Tenno Glyph
  • WarWithin—Redeem for a WarWithin Glyph
  • Wealth—Redeem for a 3-Day Credits Booster
  • Earson—Redeem for a Fortuna Cache
  • FreeSword—Redeem for a Head Sword
  • OldFriend—Redeem for an Orokin Tea Set Decoration, 3-Day Affinity Booster
  • PcGamingShow2016—Redeem for a Dark Split Sword Dulus Skin
  • SimarisCredits—Redeem for a TennoCon 2019 3-Day Credits Booster
  • SimarisDisplay—Redeem for a TennoCon 2019 Simaris Orbiter Display
  • SimarisDucats—Redeem for a TennoCon 2019 500 Ducats Bundle
  • SolarisUnited—Redeem for a Solaris United Sigil
  • SpaceNinja—Redeem for a 20% Platinum Discount
  • TennoSkoom—Redeem for an Eagle Mod Pack
  • TerminalBigFlip—Redeem for a Fortuna K-Drive Scrawl
  • TwoGrakata—Redeem for a Booster
  • VoidCrystal—Redeem for a Booster
  • Warframe—Redeem for a Booster
  • FN6B-8RML-MLH6-GM2N—Redeem for a Vectis Skin & Vectis Tekelu Skin

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How to Redeem Codes in Warframe

To redeem codes in Warframe, follow the steps below.

Image via Digital Extremes
  1. Log into your account on the official Warframe website.
  2. Head to the Promo Codes page.
  3. Once you get there, copy one of the codes on our list and paste it into the Promo Code text box area or select a link to enter it for you.
  4. Once you’ve added one of the codes, hit the Submit Code button to receive confirmation. If the code you enter goes through, you will find your new items in-game!

How to get more Warframe Codes?

The best way to ensure you have the latest codes for Warframe is to follow the game’s developer, Digital Extremes, on their Twitter Page @DigitalExtremes, Facebook page @PlayWarframe, and Instagram page @playwarframe and their YouTube channel @Warframe. It’s also always a good idea to bookmark this page by pressing Ctrl+D to ensure you always stay up to date with the latest code releases. We at Pro Game Guides are always on the lookout for the newest codes and update

Why are my Warframe Codes not working?

There could be several reasons why your Warframe codes are not working. The codes could be expired. Sometimes the developers release codes during holidays or other events like anniversaries. Such codes usually have a finite lifespan and don’t last forever. Always make sure to redeem your codes as quickly as possible, and never again miss out on any freebies! The codes could also be mistyped or have missing punctuation. Sometimes the codes can be case-sensitive as well. The best way to insure you input the codes correctly is to copy them from the website list and paste them directly into the game.

How to get more Platinum in Warframe?

Unfortunately, there are no actual codes that redeem for Platinum. If you’re looking for the currency for free, you’ll have to grind it out or purchase it. You can look for possible sales now and again if you want to get it cheap! Otherwise, if you want to get the platinum for free, you can farm it by performing various in-game activities, like selling Prime parts, corrupted mods, and more.

What is Warframe?

Warframe is a title that allows players to take control of Warframes, powerful combat machines created by the Tenno to take on hostile alien life forms across the galaxy. Explore different planets with various Warframes, each with its strengths. Grab weapons and reign fire down upon enemies in this free title that constantly sees expansions and new content.

For more on Warframe, visit our other articles on Pro Game Guides, like the 5 Best Mods for Beginners in Warframe.

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