The Blues’ Jordan Pennington was suspended two games for intimidating Wild Ryan Hartman

The National Hockey League announced Thursday that Blues goaltender Jordan Pennington will be suspended for two games for rough and unsportsmanlike conduct against Minnesota Wild forward Ryan Hartman in Wednesday’s game. Here’s what you need to know:

  • After Hartmann scored at 12:25 of the second period, he skated in front of Bennington’s crease and hit the Blues’ goaltender. Then Bennington hit Hartman.
  • Bennington was awarded a minor penalty for leaving his crease and a match penalty. Leads NHL goaltenders in penalty minutes with 27.
  • Binnington’s actions resulted in wild goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury skating to the Blues end of the rink, but no goaltender fighting ensued.
  • It was “Wrestling Night” at the Enterprise Center (the blues’ home circuit) and Legendary wrestler Ric Flair was in attendance.

What was the scene like from a blues perspective?

You can’t write it.

Or maybe it was written.

We’ve seen Bennington fly off the handle before. Well, a lot. But on “Wrestling Night” at the Enterprise Center, with the legendary Ric Flair at home and a national audience watching the Blues and Wilds at home? Woo!

We almost had a scene that would make fans forget the Curtis Joseph-Team Sheffield match 30 years ago.

“You would have loved to see it: Binner opposite Marc-Andre Fleury on TNT,” said alternate Blues captain Brayden Sheen. “If you’re looking for viewership and ratings, and people are talking about the game, that’s one way to do it.”

Even Flair himself, when asked before the athleteWe would have liked to see goalkeepers go for it.

“Hell yeah, I was hoping for that,” Flair said. “I would have loved it.” – Rutherford

How about from Wilde’s perspective?

What everyone will remember is the fight that could have been. Picture Fleury racing into Blues territory to go after Bennington, who had just delivered a bunt to Hartmann after cutting him through the Wild’s midsection after his second-period goal. Fleury heard Bennington hit a teammate in the crotch with a stick in the first half, so when Bennington hit Hartman in the face with the pointed end of his guard, the veteran guard had enough.

“I felt that was it for me Florey said. “I had to take care of him.”

Fleury threw off his helmet and rolled up his sleeves. The crowd was captured. – Smith

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(Photo: Jeff Curry/USA Today)


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