A victim of “circumstances” because two inverted goals detract from a solid effort

street. PAUL, Minnesota – One day the Wild will win the Coach’s Challenge.

They are definitely deserved, that’s for sure.

The Boston Bruins, in the midst of a massive 52-win season and with a points percentage now at . 801, are better than getting a Mulligan, let alone two in the same game.

But on Saturday afternoon, they showed their brilliance transcending the ice and straight into their video room as Matt Myers and eagle-eyed Shawn Andrick threw themselves off the bench and began the process of eliminating a pair of wild goals.

One of the overturned goals stunned the NHL’s top team and gave the Wild an unexpected two-goal lead. The other would tie the score before an eventual 5-2 loss to extinguish Minnesota’s franchise record 14 points.

“They’re clearly the best team in the league all year and we’ve proven we can play with them,” said Marcus Johansson, who would have a four-point game in which Matt Dumpa scored and Matt Poldy didn’t turn over. NHL Case Room in Toronto. “We scored enough goals to be where we are at the end.”

Johansson laughed at the last line, which was definitely not meant to be funny.

“A few breaks are hard,” Johansson said.

After the game, the Bruins players presented Myers and Andrick with the game disc and hopefully “money on the plate.”

It didn’t take much for the veteran video coaches to recognize Conor Dewar was offside shortly before Doumba’s goal after Johansson had given Wild a 1-0 lead. Dewar was in the attack zone before the puck.

The second subject covered by the lens may have taken a magnifying glass. The blue line camera angle showed that shortly before Boldy thought he had tied the score at 2-2 in the second period, the puck began to slip past him as he crossed the blue line. While making a bowl pass to his left to Alex Goligoski, Boldy preceded the puck into the offensive zone.

“They obviously got a lot more views than we do,” said Boldy. “They obviously saw something that was final if they were calling it offside when the initial call was on the side. I mean, you put your trust in the referees and the league watching you, so there’s not much you can do. It’s a pity.”

Coach Dean Evason has accepted both letters of lawbreaking, but that doesn’t make it any easier, especially since the Wild played well Saturday despite losing five regular players who made $21.3 million, including superstar Kirill Kaprizov and first and second defense pair Jonas. Broden and Jake Middleton.

It also doesn’t make it any easier because the Wild have gotten unusually short attention spans this season.

Their opponent has won six challenges in a row, including five in a row against them, while the Wild Wild have lost their last three challenges. You need to go back to November 23rd to find the last time an opponent lost a challenge to Wild. You have to go back to November 9th to find the last time Wild won one.

“A lot of teams at least back in the day being sneaky was a selfish thing to do, but our group is not a selfish group,” Evason said. “Circumstances. Daring, it certainly doesn’t look like he slipped and then the way he flips or the sauce he puts himself on. It’s just circumstance. Twice a bad break, a third obviously off the stick and into the net.”

The infamy of that third goal, which gave the Bruins a 3-1 lead, was David Krejci’s final goal under Philip Gustafsson off Johansson’s stick and attempted to block Krejci’s intended pass to the back door.

Johansson, in this game, deserved better than being a goat on that play because he was so good the whole time.

“We thought he was our best player,” Evason said. “He generated every time he was on the ice. That streak (with Joel Erickson, Eck and Poldy) was a good five-on-five. Real good. But JoJo was great.”

No team is in the business of achieving moral wins, but there’s no doubt that the Bruins put up an unlikely fight as the short-handed Wild brought on work boots and hard hats.

But in the end, the Bruins took advantage of their chances and the Wild didn’t.

John Merrill had successive penalty kicks and David Pasternak converted his 47th goal to lead 2-1 to make the veteran defender pay.

Dmitry Orlov opens the door for the Wild to get back in the game down 3-1 by shooting the puck into the stands, and the Wild fell badly short in the ensuing 1:24 five-for-three.

Unit #1 was so poor Evason for the first time this season started the second unit in the third period with a two-goal lead when Jake DeBrusk hit a secondary shot. Freddy Goudreau set up Oscar Sundqvist’s powerful goal after eight seconds to reduce the deficit to one goal.

The arena, which packed a raucous 19,329 fans, was once again as electric as the start of the game unless a defensive meltdown led to Patrice Bergeron’s super goal for a 4-2 lead with 7:38 left.

“We were doing some uncharacteristic idiosyncrasies, getting down on one knee or on our knees,” Evason said. “That’s not how we defend. We work a lot on defending the right way and that’s closing, holding on to the puck, then the physical, carry-over and out of our area. All three (hole) targets we were negative in our check so it opens up the hole area “.

In the last four games of the Wild’s 14-point series, the Wild have given up 3 goals per game, had a . 903 save percentage, 60% penalty shooting, and a shooting difference of minus 23.

Add in five more goals allowed on Saturday, and as Doumba said, “We have to toughen things up.”

But like the rest of the season, Doumba said that if those two goals aren’t nullified, “we’re in the saddle where we want to be. It simply shows they’re the best in the league. We’re there, we’re there. We made it difficult for them. They play in a different style and they can because of skill.” They got there. They stay under a lot of pucks. They have good sticks, and they try to play every time they get a puck. They’re a special group. And they can do it, but we fought back. We counter-punched all night and just ended up getting On some bad rebounds that bit us in the ass.”

The good news is that the Wild, who fell to third in the quarterbacks with 86 points (Colorado also has 86 but played one game less), is right back with the 1 p.m. game against the Washington Capitals. They are expected to bring back Brodine, Middleton and Brandon Duheme, while they will be more careful with Marcos Foligno.

“In situations like this, you like a back-to-back game,” Doumba said. “You want to go after her. And I think that’s just kind of fueling that fire to continue that momentum that we’ve had all month. You can take it one of two ways. We’ll take the positives from it and be better (Sunday).

“It was a great race, but it resets us. We want to give our best (Sunday). We can forget the line and now we can get back to it.”

(Photo: Nick Wosika/USA Today)


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