Are the summons in Final Fantasy 16?

The Final Fantasy series is known for its interesting worlds, stories, and characters. Players often encounter world-ending threats or deadly evils, and this applies to Final Fantasy XVI. One of the best abilities players have are summons. This might make you wonder if there are summons in Final Fantasy XVI.

Does Final Fantasy XVI have callbacks?

The answer is yes-Final Fantasy XVI has summons; However, they don’t go by that name in the game. Instead, they are called Eikons. Summoning an Eikon will start a massive battle, especially against other Eikons. Players cannot directly control Eikon; Instead, it includes QTE attacks that unleash devastating attacks.

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Eikons function narratively differently in Final Fantasy XVI as well. Previously, players could use summons in other Final Fantasy games as they wished. In Final Fantasy XVI, a Eikon drains life from the user, which reduces their lifespan. Summon cannot be used to summon Eikon freely.

Players control Clive, who will earn many icons throughout the story. These powerful weapons could change the tide of battle but would cost Clive part of his life. Each Eikon represents an element and features deadly attacks, making them an ultimate but costly weapon.

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