BitLife – How to complete the ninth through fifth challenge

Completing the BitLife Nine to Five Challenge is easy once you know how to achieve each objective. Start by creating a female character from California, then follow the steps below.

All objectives in the 9th through 5th Challenge in Bitlife

To complete the ninth through fifth challenges in BitLife, players will need to meet the following main objectives:

  • Be female in California
  • Become a receptionist with a male supervisor
  • Undergo breast augmentation surgery
  • Seduce your male supervisor
  • Poison your male supervisor

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How to give birth as a female in California – BitLife Guide

The first goal of the Nine to Five Challenge is to be born female in California. While creating the character choose Female as the starting type and choose any city from it CaliforniaLikes Los Angeles or San Diegolike you place of birth. The game does not allow you to choose any state as your hometown, so you must select any city within that state to complete the objective.

How to become a receptionist with a male supervisor at BitLife

The second task of the Nine to Five challenge is to become a receptionist with a male supervisor. This particular goal is more than just trial and error, as there is no way to predict whether or not your supervisor will be male without joining a company. At BitLife, the minimum standard for becoming a receptionist is High school. So, complete your high school and visit our job section. Now, look for a job titled – receptionist and the bell icon adjacent to it. Apply for the interview and get the job.

After joining, if your supervisor is male. The goal will be marked as completed. If not, get older and look for a similar job until you get a male supervisor.

How to perform breast augmentation surgery at BitLife

The third task in the challenge of nine to five is to get it Breast augmentation surgery. For this, visit plastic surgery section of the Activities tab and select the Breast Augmentation option. Now, choose the doctor and pay for the surgery. Voila, you got a breast augmentation for your character. Remember that the procedure will cost anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000.

How to seduce your male supervisor at BitLife

The penultimate task in the final challenge is to seduce your male supervisor. To do this, visit the activities tab of your administrator from Co-workers Unpaid invoice. Now, choose File Cucumber seduction to complete the objective.

Remember, before doing anything, improve your relationship rating with your supervisor to green DedicationAnd Time spendingAnd flattery for him. Otherwise, your seductive act may be marked as inappropriate, and you may eventually be fired.

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How to poison your male supervisor at BitLife

The ultimate goal in the ninth through fifth challenge is to poison your male supervisor. To do this, visit the Crime section under the Activities tab and choose the kill option. Now, select a file Male supervisor as your goal and choice Poison them How to kill you. Click on committed murder to eliminate it. With that, the goal and challenge will come to an end.

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