How many regions are in Diablo 4?

Diablo IV features a new story set in the open world of Sanctuary. There are many areas to explore, and they are divided into regions. This might make you wonder how many regions there are in Diablo IV and what they are.

All areas of Diablo IV

Currently, there is Five regions in Diablo IV. Each features different terrains, monsters, strongholds, gear, and more. Regions are connected, and players can travel to them without interruption. Here are the areas of Diablo IV that we know of so far.

cracked tops

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Players will begin their journey here in Diablo IV. This region is characterized by towering, frozen mountain peaks and rocky terrain. The frozen water of the Rift Peaks melts and pours into the Hozar swamps.


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Diablo IV features the northern desert regions of Kehjistan. In the game, players will be confined to the Borderlands regions within Kygystan. This wasteland surrounds Caldium and features some of the wildest lands in the Sanctuary.

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Scosglen is located in the northeastern part of the Sanctuary and is home to the Druids. It borders the dry steppes and is characterized by a beautiful, rugged, and rigid wilderness. Players can explore the Scosglen coast and hinterland in Diablo IV.

Dry steppe

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The Dry Steppe is a harsh, rugged wilderness with grasslands, deep valleys, and salt flats. It is found south of Scosglen and west of the Rift Peaks. Lilith’s arrival at the Sanctuary awakens the darkest part of her population in Diablo IV.


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Hauzar Diablo IV is a swampy area made up of swamps from rushing waters to rift peaks. Players will find poison, disease, despair, and deadly creatures in this area. Few humans reside within the Hozar swamps, and those with hearts are black.

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