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It can be challenging to build a team out of Cookie Run: Kingdom’s huge and growing cast of characters. With so many game modes that require different skill sets and only a limited amount of EXP Star Jellies to work with, the combinations are virtually endless. But if you want to progress through challenging PvE and PvP content, here are some of the best and worst build prioritization cookies.

List of epic, super epic, ancient, special and legendary cookie tiers in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Below are graded rankings of all CRK’s Epic, Super Epic, Special, Legendary, and Ancient Cookies. These include usability across both PvP and PvE game modes. A lower-ranked cookie isn’t necessarily a bad thing – but they may need certain team groups, a lot more investment, or less variety than a higher-ranked cookie.

class biscuit
s Captain Caviar Cookie, Schwarzwalder Cookie, Milky Way Cookie, Sorbet Cookie, Black Pearl Cookie, Eclair Cookie, Dark Cocoa Cookie, Caramel Arrow Cookie, Moonlight Cookie, Stardust Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie, Cotton Cookie, Holy Berry Cookie, Frost Queen Cookie
a Sea Fiery Cookie, Parfait Cookie, Wildberry Cookie, Clotted Cream Cookie, Crunchy Chip Cookie, Oyster Cookie, Vampire Cookie, Cream Puff Cookie, Financer Cookie, Carol Cookie, Space Donut, Blueberry Pie Cookie, Unicorn Cream Cookie, Squid Ink Cookie, Herb Cookie, Pinecone Cookie, Werewolf Cookie
B Macaron cookie, pumpkin pie cookie, mango cookie, affogato cookie, purple yam cookie, licorice cookie, milk cookie, pomegranate cookie, rye cookie, shark cookie sherbet, espresso cookie
c Cocoa Cookie, Sparkling Cookie, Kumiho Cookie, Black Raisin Cookie, Dark Choco Cookie, Tiger Lily Cookie, Latte Cookie, Almond Cookie, Prophet Cookie, Strawberry Crepe Cookie, T-Night Cookie, Twisly Gummy Cookie, Cherry Blossom Cookie
Dr Candy Diver Cookie, Red Velvet Cookie, Lilac Cookie, Poison Mushroom Biscuit, Mala Sauce Biscuit, Raspberry Biscuit, Pastry Biscuit, Sugar Icing Biscuit, Rabbit Moon Cake, Ninja Cookie, Beetroot Cookie, Madeleine Cookie, Mint Choco
F Chili Cookie, Fig Biscuit, Sonic Cookie, Tails Cookie

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CRK’s Best Cookies, Ranked

Cookie Run: The Kingdom’s meta is always changing, but here are some constants under each rank that, as of now, work consistently across updates. These are by no means the best cookies in the game – but they are easy picks if you can’t decide who you’re building.

S class.

Pure Vanilla Cookie

While Arena is usually partial to variety healers with packed kits, some team comps can benefit from a powerful healer like Pure Vanilla. It’s also incredibly useful against bosses and other challenging PvE content, with its ability to cast a DMG-absorbing shield that will improve a team’s survivability.

Holyberry cookie

If you can’t pick a tank, choose Hollyberry, whose straightforward and reliable crew can defend the front lines in any game situation. Whether you’re against cookies, cakehounds, and more, Hollyberry will always be your go-to.

Moonlight Cookie

Moonlight is an incredibly powerful DPS that has dominated the meta since its release. She’s capable of throwing unique slumber and drowsy grapples, which can wear down even the most resilient of ring squads. It is best used in the arena but can also carry PvE focused game modes, such as World Exploration.


Sponsored Cookie

Financier is a staple in Arena tank formulations, and is especially relevant in combination with Clotted Cream. It’s a reliable unit with the ability to throw a lot of buffs, and it’s mainly useful in the arena and tough PvE battles.

Unicorn Cream Cookie

Healers are few and far between in Cookie Run: Kingdom, so Cream Unicorn is always a useful character in all game modes. They can heal the team, cast a Silence debuff, buff the DMG and Crit Resist for the team. The comprehensive versatility allows you to bring more DPS into your party.

Squid ink cookie

Squid Ink has a unique DEF reduction, which makes it ideal against cookies and powerful bosses, especially in the higher world exploration and alliance and alliance battle stages. Use Magic Candy for better results.

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Class B

Espresso cookie

Despite being one of the first cookies in the game, espresso has maintained its importance throughout the rapidly evolving profile. It has a straightforward DPS set that is useful in any game mode. Make sure to equip his Magic Candy for the best results.

Pumpkin pie biscuits

Pumpkin Pie likes to stay in the middle position, but her summon, Giant Pompon, acts as a faux tank propping up the team’s front lines. Summoning reduces the healing that enemies receive, making Pumpkin Pie a useful unit against tough bosses and Arena squads with powerful healers.

Pomegranate cookie

Pomegranate Cookie can heal allies over time and provide a useful attack power. Its straightforward set of tools is useful in any situation, making it a great alternative for higher-ranking healers.

class c

Cherry cookie

While Cherry Blossom can light up any room with her adorable personality, her overall DMG output can be a bit underwhelming compared to other DPS. It shines in PvE and is generally not recommended for PvP Arena battles.

Dark Choco Cookie

Don’t let the low ranking fool you. Dark Choco Cookie’s simple combo can prove useful in boss battles, where his DPS prowess shines the most. Like Cherry Blossom, it is not particularly useful in the ring.

Twisli Gummy Cookie

Twizzly Gummy has a flashy set and can be incredibly fun, especially against tough bosses. However, it was often overshadowed by more powerful cookies with better DMG output.

D&F levels

Grade D and F grade cookies are not the most beneficial choices, especially for players with a limited supply of EXP Star Jellies. We do not recommend prioritizing any of these character builds as you will likely drop them after getting a better unit with the same turn.

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