Resident Evil 4 Remake full of achievements and trophies

Resident Evil 4 Remake is a remake and update of the version that many hold in mind as the most important installment of the Resident Evil franchise. It promises hours of mindless fun battling across the Spanish countryside with its inhabitants who scatter across Plagas in a rescue attempt that fails. The achievers among you might be wondering about the trophies in the game and what you need to do to get them. Let’s dive in!

List of all Resident Evil 4 achievements and trophies

We have compiled a list below containing all Resident Evil 4 Remake achievements and trophies. Some of these challenges will be challenging even for Resident Evil veterans and will put their skills to the test!

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  • capacity compliance: Reach the top of the clock tower without the elevator stopping once.
  • Cuz boredom is killing me: get all trophies.
  • Smart appraiserSelling one treasure for at least 100,000 piasters.
  • amateur shooter: Complete a game at the shooting range.
  • The wind of revolution: Destroy all Clockwork Castellans.
  • Smooth escape: Escape on the water scooter without getting any damage.
  • You talk too much!Throw a grenade into Ramon Salazar’s mouth.
  • Silent stranger: Complete the main story without speaking to the merchant once.
  • trick shot: Shoot and destroy 5 targets in the shooting range with one shot.
  • The real Didai: Earn an S rank in all games at the shooting range.
  • Mugger: Get all the treasures shown on the village treasure map in one game round.
  • Jack of all trades: Complete all orders received from the merchant.
  • No thanks bro!: Defeat Ramon Salazar.
  • Hope you like thrill games!: Make it through the two minecart sections in the underground tunnel without taking damage.
  • Exaggerate: Use a cannon to defeat a fanatic.
  • Masterpiece: Get an exclusive weapon upgrade.
  • promising agent: Complete the main story in Standard mode or higher.
  • thief: Get all the treasures shown on the island’s treasure map in one game round.
  • You used to be a good man: Defeat Jack Krauser.
  • S+ rank investigator: Complete the main story in hardcore mode with an S+ rank.
  • Wave goodbye, right hand: Defeat Verdugo.
  • never heard of it before: Defeat Garador using only knives.
  • Nice one, weird!: Complete the merchant’s request.
  • rider: Get all the treasures shown on the castle treasure map in one game round.
  • hostility: Complete the main story within 8 hours.
  • gun fanatic: get all weapons.
  • Knife basics: parry an enemy with a knife.
  • Talk about a near death experience!: Save Ashley while the enemy takes her away.
  • Harpoon Hurler: Defeat Del Lago.
  • You are short on time!: Defeat Osmund Saddler.
  • Skilled agent: Complete the main story in Hardcore mode or higher.
  • Unrivaled agent: Complete the main story in Pro mode with an S+ rank.
  • Revolution against revolution: destroy the castellan clock.
  • Big grilled cheese: Defeat Bitores Mendez.
  • frugal: Complete the main story without using a recovery item.
  • Mission accomplished S+: Complete the main story in Standard mode with an S+ rank.
  • minimum: Complete the main story using only knives and pistols [Including specific battles].
  • Protect your eyes: Defeat 3 enemies at once with a grenade.
  • Insects, one stone: Kill 3 parasites with one bullet inside a regenerator.
  • my favorite place: Upgrade a weapon.

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