How to hunt a Thestral in Hogwarts Legacy – tips and locations

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There are 13 magical beasts that can be captured in Hogwarts Legacy, with the Thestral being one of the most iconic due to its appearance in the books and the tragic lore behind it: only people who have witnessed death can see it. Thestral is easy to find and hunt in Hogwarts Legacy if you know where to look; Here’s what you need to know.

All Thestral locations in Hogwarts Legacy

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Hogwarts Legacy has just that Two Thestral Urin in the game, so you don’t have to look far to find one of the deadly creatures. Note that you will need to have Complete the main story mission for Elf, Nab-Sack and Loom And He got a tusk Before you can hunt magical beasts.

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The first is found in North Ford BugJust Northeast Ford Bog Flow Flame. This is the closest one to Hogwarts so depending on where you spend the most time you will probably want to visit this place.

Thani Thestral Dean In Lake Mornoemsandwiched between two slopes Southeast of the Coastal Flux Mine And Northwest of the Floo Flame Tower Tunnel. You will find three or four creatures in each den.

How to hunt thestrals in hogwarts legacy

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When you approach Thestral, you will run away out of fear. So how do you navigate this? You must use a file The charm of disappointment – Learned during the main story quest of the Department of Secrets of the Department of Restrictions – or invisibility potion to hide your appearance.

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Once it is invisible, sneak up on the monster and use it Arresto Momentum To immobilize him, then use canine sac to capture it successfully. While in the lair of Thestral, search for Silver alternative If you are looking for a shiny thestral fishing.

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