9 of the best Fortnite Unreal Creative (UEFN) map symbols

Fortnite Creative 2.0 has been released, and it has brought a lot of excitement to the Fortnite community. This update is particularly noteworthy as it integrates the Unreal Engine and Creative from Fortnite, allowing players to access the Unreal Editor for Fortnite and customize nearly every aspect of the game. While there may not be many maps available yet, we have compiled a list of the best Unreal Editor for Fortnite Creative Maps.

List of Fortnite 2.0 Creative Map Codes

9. Pirate Adventure

Image via 3D Lab

map code: 2810-0903-5967

This map not only offers players the opportunity to explore a detailed environment, but also includes exciting narrative elements that immerse them even more in the game. Character text dialogue appears at the bottom of the screen, adding a new layer of depth to the experience. This is just one example of the possibilities Fortnite Creative 2.0 has to offer, showing how players can take full advantage of the game’s tools and features to create engaging and immersive worlds.

8. Gem Dealer

Image via Infinity Studios

map code: 6265-7588-5080

In this map, players can upgrade their factory by pressing buttons as they become available. The gameplay is simple and straightforward, allowing players to focus on the satisfaction of seeing their progress and achievements. With a variety of upgrades and customization options available, players can design the factory to their liking and watch their empire grow.

7. Reclamation

Image via TeamAlliance

map code: 1135-0371-8937

The map offers a traditional five-on-five gameplay experience, with players traversing a large and impressive area while trying to master various drills. Hold positions as long as possible in order to emerge victorious over the opposing team. This requires careful strategy, skillful coordination with teammates and a keen awareness of the surrounding environment. With a wide range of tactical options available, including the use of cover and flanking enemy positions, players must constantly adapt their approach in order to gain the upper hand.

6. Desert: Domination

Image via Epic Games

map code: 8035-1519-2959

Featuring a desert location and distinctive yellow color, Epic’s UEFN map evokes a nostalgic feel reminiscent of classic shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield. This design choice is sure to inspire players to create their own maps based on these beloved titles, providing a wealth of inspiration and ideas for their own projects. The map’s attention to detail, along with its unique aesthetics, creates an unforgettable and immersive experience for players who appreciate the style of classic military shooters.

5. Space on the inside

Image via Epic Games

map code: 9836-7381-5978

The latest UEFN map from Epic challenges players to use their ingenuity to escape a space station. The textures and models in this map look as if they were from another game or were imported or made specifically for this show, marking a significant visual upgrade over previous Creative Escape Rooms. The attention to detail and intricate design of the environment creates a truly immersive experience, as players must navigate a series of obstacles and puzzles in order to successfully escape. The difficulty of the map is balanced by intuitive gameplay mechanics, making it challenging and accessible for players of all skill levels.

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4. Forest ranger

Image via Epic Games

map code: 0348-4483-3263

The latest creative map from Epic is a stunning display of the lighting power of the Unreal Editor. The way the rays of light shine through the trees creates an immersive atmosphere that draws players into the environment. This map also features a large dragon that, unlike anything seen in Fortnite before, adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. Clearly, Epic has once again outdone themselves with this creativity. The intricate level design and attention to detail demonstrate the developer’s commitment to providing players with new and exciting gaming experiences.

3. Atlas OG Fortnite map

Image via AtlasOGBR

map code: 2179-7822-3395

The revamped OG Fortnite map from Season 1 is a nostalgia ride for longtime fans of the game. The map accurately recreates iconic locations such as Tilted Towers, Loot Lake, and Dusty Depot, providing players with a taste of what the game was like in its early days. However, as a beta code, the map is currently unable to support 100 players and may experience crashes. Additionally, some elements have been scaled back, including foliage and smaller points of interest. The builders have assured fans that these features will be added again as the UEFN evolves.

2. Droppy flops

Image via Infinity Studios

map code: 3638-6410-4991

Infinity Studios has released a new map called Droopy Flops, which brings the popular Flappy Bird game to Fortnite. Players can now enjoy the game in a whole new way, recreating the familiar gameplay mechanics and obstacles of the popular battle royale game. However, it is important to note that the map is still in beta and players may encounter crashes, bugs, and other issues. The developers are actively working to address these issues and improve the map, so Flappy Bird and Fortnite fans should stay tuned for future updates.

1. Switch the color

Image via TeamUnite

map code: 1415-7321-0392

TeamUnite created the color swap map in the UEFN for Fortnite Creative 2.0. In this map, players must jump through obstacles and match the color of their character to the color of the obstacle they are trying to pass. It is a fast-paced, reaction-based challenge that requires players to be fast on their feet. The Color Switch map provides a fun twist on traditional Fortnite gameplay, and players who love mini-games are likely to enjoy this new addition.

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