All Blue Medallion Quarry/Fish Farm locations in Resident Evil 4 Remake – Destroy Blue Medallion 2

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The second blue medal order from the merchant has Leon go through the Quarry and Fish Farm in Resident Evil 4 Remake. While the medals are divided between two locations, Leon can move freely between the two areas without a problem. Staying too long in the fish farm may cause enemies to keep spawning, so be sure to get in and out quickly. There are a lot of treasures in the fish farm, so it might be a good idea to dig around for a bit longer even after you’ve found all of the medals. These are where every Blue Medal can be found in the Quarry and Fish Farm in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Blue Medallion fish farm and quarry locations in RE4 remake

the Destroy blue medals 2 The order can be found before entering the quarry just before the gate. Reward 4x spinels Leon is waiting to find and destroy these 5 medals and the first medals can be found almost immediately after finding the order. However, if Leon lingers too long, just like the first Medallion quest, enemies can start spawning after staying in the same location for too long.

First medal

The first medal can be found at quarry Aim at the scaffold to the right of the giant locked door. It will hang on its own and can be photographed with a silver lantern holding some treasures.

Second medal

Moving further through the area after the merchant, the second medal can be found at ports. It’s just below the center but Leon can get a clear shot by heading to the right before getting to the boat.

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Third medal

All other medals will be in fish farm The first of these can be found inside a small hut. After falling into the water, this is found by going up the wooden ramp. Viper can also be found nearby to get closer to completing the Viper Hunter quest.

Fourth medal

To the right of the hut where the last medal is located, a path through the water will lead Lyon towards a dead end. To the left of the dead end, between some gaps in the wood, is the next blue medallion.

Fifth medal

The final medal can be found near the end of the area. When crossing the bridge to get home, a path under the bridge can be crossed by bending over. The treasure and final blue medal will be underneath.

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