Comparison of SG-09 and the Punisher in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake offers us a wide range of great firearms to choose from. Fighting for the chief’s daughter had never been so easy, with a large number of weapons for sectarians to send. But as they progress, players can also be stuck in the paralysis of choice, especially if they have two similar weapons and don’t know which one to go for. This is the choice that the game naturally presents between the SG-09 starting pistol and the Punisher Handgun.

Should I change my SG-09 for the Punisher in the Resident Evil 4 remake?

When faced with a choice between switching to the Punisher Handgun from SG-09 in Resident Evil 4 Remake, you have to make the switch. The Punisher won’t have the advantage over the SG-09 in damage he deals to enemies, but he does have a unique and valuable advantage; Its bullets can pierce enemies. This ability to line up a few enemies in a straight line and fire a shot that hits them all comes in handy, especially if you’re playing on higher difficulty levels. This tactic conserves ammo and delays reloading, allowing you to set the pace of combat.

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However, both weapons come in handy, and are very valuable at the beginning of the game. You can upgrade both of them with a laser sight to improve their accuracy and raise their damage level, fire speed and ammo capacity to make them more useful individually. Ultimately, you’ll want to switch to Red9 when you find him later in the game because of his massive damage output.

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