Does Diablo 4 have WASD movement controls?

Diablo IV is a new story that takes place in the world of Sanctuary, and players must once again confront the forces of hell. Lillith walks through Sanctuary and is believed to be one of the main antagonists of the game. Along the way, players will explore the Sanctuary and its various areas. As a PC game, players may wonder if there is a WASD movement in Diablo IV.

Can you use WASD to move in Diablo IV?

The answer is no – you Cannot move with WASD In Diablo IV as in Diablo Immortal. This control scheme is not supported, which means that the only way to move is with the mouse to click or the controller. The default control scheme on PC uses the left mouse button to navigate, but you can use a controller. The only movement that is not supported on a PC is WASD.

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this feature One of the most requested features to be added to Diablo IV. It can’t be guaranteed that this feature will be added to Blizzard, but it will go a long way toward making fans happy. It also adds another way to play the game and gives players more options to control their character.

The Diablo series has always been on PC and uses the left mouse button for movement, but many games use the WASD keys to control movement. Hopefully, Diablo IV will add this feature, but for now, you’ll need to use a mouse or controller to move around.

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