How to get Fortnite Creative 2.0 on Xbox and PS5/PS4

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Creative 2.0 means a whole new experience with world building and creative opportunities for Fortnite creators, and it brings us a lot of the best creative games to try. It allows creators to improve their games and fine-tune all the little details that they couldn’t do before. The question is: will this Unreal Editor be available to console players as well? Controllers won’t be completely left out, but they may have to wait a little longer.

Is Fortnite Creative 2.0 available on consoles?

Unfortunately, Creative Commons Unreal Editor 2.0 (UEFN) is Currently only application for PCAs reported by Epic Games News article announcing its release. This is most likely due to the very demanding detail involved in creating games with this engine and scripting techniques that are difficult to do on console. Sure, next-generation consoles can handle higher resolutions and cell shaders, but as these features continue to evolve, they can also easily fall behind. Experiments made by UEFN can still be played on any console but are, for now, limited to being created on PC.

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When does UEFN come to the console?

However, console gamers shouldn’t feel too left out. They’re still getting an Unreal editor to use, but it’s rumored to be delaying for another 6 months from Creative 2.0 prior to release. According to Fortnite sources on Twitter, consoles will have limited features compared to the PC version, but they will still have the opportunity to be a part of it.

Console creators will have to be patient a little while waiting for these versions of Creative 2.0 to be released or perhaps switch to PC for the full UEFN experience. Creators who use UEFN also have the opportunity to earn special payouts for creating successful experiences. You can jump in and create a map too. Just jump to a file Creator portal And start!

Check back to see when updates are released and to find out how you can get the UEFN once it’s available on all consoles.

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