The Mavericks’ Luka Doncic was fined for a gesture towards an official during the Warriors’ loss

Mavericks guard Luka Doncic was fined $35,000 by the NBA for “making an inappropriate and unprofessional gesture toward a game official” on Wednesday in a loss to the Warriors. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The play occurred in the last seconds of the match, when Dončić made a gesture with his left hand indicating that the referees had been paid.
  • Dončić, who was not given any technical expertise on the play, has 15 technicians a season and will issue an automatic one-game suspension after the next technicality.
  • The Mavericks lost 127-125 to Golden State and fell to 36-37 on the season. They are currently in eighth place in the Western Conference.

Continued frustration with officials

Dončić can take the fine — he signed a $215 million contract last summer, after all — but this discipline reflects his constant frustrations with referees who have caused him to score 15 technical fouls, just one short of an automatic one-match ban. .

It’s probably fortunate that this incident late in Wednesday’s game didn’t result in either one, but while Dončić understands and has often admitted that he needs to work on his feelings on the field, he’s still in danger of missing a game while the Mavericks need to every win. They can get it. – Cato

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(Photo: Jerome Miron/USA Today)


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