How to become a librarian at BitLife

One of the goals of the Beast and Beauty challenge at BitLife is to become a librarian. At first glance, the goal may seem easy, as many assume that the job requires no greater education than a high school graduation. But the truth is that you need to go to universityfollowed by graduate school even to apply for the position.

How To Go To Graduate School At BitLife

To enroll in graduate school, you must maintain Smarts State above 90 Throughout your school and college period. To do this, use a file Study hard An option annually from the time you join middle school until you graduate from college. You can find the option under the Activities tab of your respective organization. Apart from that, you can also take part in debate competitions or visit libraries to keep your mind sharp.

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Also, since you want to become a librarian, you need to select any librarian-related courses such as EnglishAnd the pressor Political Science while attending college. If you have Smarts stats above 90 and you are hardworking, you will not be rejected at any cost while applying to graduate school after completing college.

How to become a librarian at BitLife

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After you have completed your graduate studies, it is time to apply for a Librarian Post. Visit the full-time jobs section and search for a job with a title Librarian (library). Apply for the job and crack the interview by answering the question. Voila, you’ve become a librarian at BitLife.

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If you can’t find such a list, don’t worry. Get older and find a new batch of job postings to browse.

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