How to marry Uggo in BitLife

The final and most confusing objective of the Beast and Beauty Challenge is to marry Uggo. The main confusion arises from the word Uggo because many foreigners do not know the exact meaning. It is a slang word to describe ugly or less attractive people during the early 2000s. So, in the game, you have to marry someone who has a Looks rating on red orange area to finish the target.

How to find Uggo in BitLife

The best way to meet Uggo on BitLife is through our dating app. Once you turn 18, visit the Love section under the Activities tab. Choose the dating app option and start searching through the profiles. Find people whose appearance rating looks red or orange. If you find such a profile, start dating them immediately. The following image contains one of these profiles whose rating falls within the given criteria.

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If the game shows any such profile, try changing the age parameter to find older matches who usually have a lower rating in the game.

How to marry Uggo in BitLife

Once you find Uggo, it’s time to marry them. First, you need to better assess your relationship with them. For this, visit activities Tab that person and use options like complimentAnd DedicationAnd make loveAnd pass the time regularly. Once the relationship rating turns green, suggest it to them. Soon, plan your wedding and get married. If your lover rejects your proposal, break up with him immediately and find a new match from the dating app. Also, while proposing, be sure to use an expensive ring from a jeweler to reduce your chances of rejection.

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