Solving the mystery of Resident Evil 4 lithograph edition

The Resident Evil 4 Remake lithograph puzzle can be found in Chapter 8, which requires collecting three pieces. The three pieces are placed around the room, but it may not be very obvious to some players to find them. The actual puzzle is relatively simple but there is no direction on how to solve it. This is how to solve the lithograph puzzle and find all the pieces in Chapter 8 of Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Where to find lithograph stones in Resident Evil 4 Remake

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After the cut scene with Ada in Resident Evil 4 Chapter 8, Leon will have to solve a puzzle before moving forward. Next to this lithograph puzzle will be one of the three stones that must be found. Lithographs C and D will lie around the room, along with some treasures. Similar to the optional hexa puzzle at the lake, the puzzle requires each piece to be activated and solved.

The other two lithographic stones can be found in the corners of the room with the D Stone inside a glass case that must have been broken open. The order in which they are placed will change as they are placed but this will not matter in solving them.

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How to Solve the Lithography Puzzle in RE4 Remake

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Solving the lithograph puzzle requires players to match symbols as well appearance that these symbols contain. On the left, a Helmet in a gun should be placed, with square shield at the top. Right requires a sword in a box And the bottom requires a suit Shield in a gun. Flipping stones around and swapping them with each other won’t take long as long as players know what to look for.

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