How to get the Special Archon Midnight Egg in FFXIV

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Hatching-tide 2023 is well under way in Final Fantasy XIV, and this year, it’s all about Tunberry. To celebrate the crafty creature, players can get a Tonberry outfit to Glamor by collecting and trading in the special currency known as Special Midnight Archon Eggs. Here’s how to get the special Midnight Archon Eggs in FFXIV.

Where to find the special Archon Midnight eggs in FFXIV

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To kick off the annual Hatching-tide event, head over to Mih Khito amphitheater in Ancient Gridania (X: 10, p: 9) And Talk to my ignorance Aliaboh. file will start Get Along and play the Knife event missionwhere you need to scare away three sylphs in the area.

As soon as you hand over the task, you will receive a second, which will cost you to complete it Don’t be a selfish event of fate in The central shroud. You will find it in X: 24, p: 29 South coordinates of Bintbrash. If the fate has not appeared yet, wait, and it will appear in a few minutes.

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To complete a destiny, you need to Collect Archon eggs while Avoid area-of-effect attacks from the surrounding graceful ones. Once you have collected enough eggs, Hand them over to a nearby NPC to finish the job. the More eggs you collectthe More Archon Special Eggs You will be rewarded with.

If you’re playing alone, you’ll have to restart Don’t Be Sylphish FATE a few times to get enough special Archon eggs for all the FFXIV Hatching-tide event rewards, so we recommend cooperating with surrounding players as you’ll likely earn enough for each piece of Tonberry Glamor in one go.

All Hatching-tide 2023 rewards in FFXIV

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Once you’ve got some special Midnight Eggs in Final Fantasy XIV, head back to the game Mih Khetto Amphitheater in Old Gridania and talk to Dreamer NPC Dressed as Tonberry. This will pull up the rewards list where you can Trade your Archon eggs at midnight in the following awards:

  • Thunberry head – 2x Archon Midnight Special Eggs
  • Tonberry body – 2x Archon Midnight Special Eggs
  • Tonberry hands – 2x Archon Midnight Special Eggs
  • Tonberry culottes – 2x Archon Midnight Special Eggs
  • Tonberry shoes – 2x Archon Midnight Special Eggs
  • Pa-Paya demastered orchestral roll – 3 x Special Archon Midnight Eggs
  • Announcement of tidal hobbits-hobbits – 2x Archon Midnight Special Eggs
  • 10x Magic Prism (tides) – 1x Archon Midnight Special Egg

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