How to get the Tonberry Knife in FFXIV

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Final Fantasy XIV’s latest event, Hatching-tide 2023, is in the works. Players can earn special Midnight Archon Eggs to redeem some exclusive rewards, including the Tonberry outfit. But the iconic Tonberry Knife isn’t included in this Glamor set, so how can you get one? Here’s how to get the Tonberry Knife in FFXIV.

Where to get the Tonberry Knife in FFXIV

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Tonberry Head, Body, Hands, Culottes, and Boots are all trophies at the FFXIV Hatching-tide 2023 event, but if you know anything about the creepy creature, you’ll know that it usually carries a small knife to protect itself, which no Part of the event rewards.

To get Tonberry Knife, you need to spend real money on Final Fantasy 14 Online Store Because it cannot be obtained in the game otherwise, unless you participate in the Valentine’s Day 2019 event. You can buy Tonberry Knife for $3.00 / £1.73 In the online store, where it will be sent to the characters you have chosen Moogle delivery.

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Tonberry knife It can only be equipped by a Culinarian class As an Off Hand, so if you were hoping to use a knife to attack some monsters as a Ninja, you’ll be disappointed.

How to become a Culinarian in FFXIV

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To join a Culinary Guild and become a Culinarian in Final Fantasy 14, head to the Culinary Guild Upper floors Limsa Lominsawhere you will find the guild at the coordinates X: 10.0, Y: 8.0. talk to me Here is the union receptionist, who will ask you if you would like to become a culinari. He chooses Yes.

Turn around and talk to Lingsath, who will again ask if you are ready to join the guild. He chooses Yes Once again, you’ll become an official member, with your very own Weathered Skillet to boot. Prepare it in a file main handand then you will be able to equip the Tonberry Knife into a Elusive The slot, which you will see your character use when cooking.

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