How to repair your boat in a dredge

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In Dredge, you are tasked with becoming the local fisherman of a small town, which depends on your catch to sustain it. But all is not as it seems, and things take a somewhat sinister turn. While fishing, you can damage your boat to the point where it becomes unusable, although there is good news; It can be fixed. Here’s how to repair your boat at Dredge.

How to dredge your boat

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When you first get to town, you hit some jagged rocks as you prepare to dock and your boat is wrecked beyond repair. Fortunately for you, the mayor is offering to He sells You have to keep a new ship, though it’s a bit expensive.

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That’s where lend Comes in. In Tom Nook’s classic Animal Crossing style, the Mayor gives you the boat on a $50 The loan you need slowly Pays off over time By catching fish and giving to the city deduction from profits sold to a fishmonger. But in the short term, at least your boat is fixed.

How to repair boat damage in a dredger

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When you take to the open waters of Dredge, you will naturally damage your boat that you have worked so hard to pay off. Fortunately, there is a shipbuilder in town who will repair them for you for a price.

To repair your boat, go to Shipbuilder and enter fix mode (RT on Xbox, R2 on PlayStation, ZR on the switch, t on the computer). Click on X red in your inventory, and the game will tell you how much it will cost to repair the damage. If you have enough money, SureAnd you will fix it.

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