What are the new Reality Augments added in Fortinte v24.10?

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Reality Augments have become a major part of Fortnite Chapter 4, and these give you special character abilities to survive longer in the battle royale. In the latest update, five new realistic additions have been added to the game. You will discover these boosts randomly in the game, and after that, you can select the booster to use in the match. Here are all 5 new reality additions added in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2.

List of Fortnite Reality boosts – all the new features and how to activate them

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The v24.20 update brought several changes to the game, including the popular Spring Breakout event missions. Likewise, you will be able to discover five new boosts that add more chances to beat the rivals in the game. New additions will be added throughout the season, and we will update this article with new features as they are released. Here are the five new reality add-ons, and how to use them in Fortnite.

Rail warrior

the new Rail warrior increase allow you Regenerate shields and health while using ziplines and grind bars. The Mega City location has many grind bars and ziplines dotted around the POI. With the Rail Warrior Augment equipped, you can ride on these rails to replenish health and armor. The only downside to this augmentation is that it won’t work if you’re outside the storm circle.

Water warrior

Water warrior It is another new increase that allows you Regenerate health and partial shields while swimming In the water. You’ll also be able to swim faster with this booster, but it won’t work outside of the storm circle. As for survivability, the Aquatic Warrior is not the best buff in the game, and its use is more or less situational.

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Go to Broke

Go to Broke is a new augmented reality that old-school Fortnite players will love. This gives you a boost Charge the gun and popular Flintnock Pistol. The Charge Shotgun was one of the better weapons in Chapter 2, although it was domed at the beginning of Chapter 3. The Flintknock, on the other hand, is a gun that can hit enemies after shooting them. The unique mechanic of this weapon allows you to create distance between opponents. However, it is best used at close range, so you can combine it perfectly with the shotgun to quickly take out enemies.

game time

game time It is the fourth new reality boost added in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 pizza party box and some Chug spots After activating this booster. Consuming Party Pizza is great for replenishing health, and becomes very useful in a team scenario. Each box contains eight slices of pizza, enough to heal an entire squad. It’s best to destroy the Party Pizza Box if you’re not going to use it, as opponents can pick up the slices to heal themselves.

Spring blast

Spring blast is another reality feature that you can discover and activate in-game. This gives you a boost egg launcher And Hope eggs. If you’re looking to quickly complete the Spring Breakout challenges, select this Augment to get the Egg Launcher easily. Hop Eggs briefly give your character low gravity, allowing you to move easily around the map. These eggs work similarly to the Soaring Sprints Augment, and you can also store them in your inventory for later use.

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