How to get search parts in the bulldozer

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Research bits are an essential resource in Dredge because, as a fisherman, you need to constantly upgrade your boat to improve your catch with upgrades such as increased speed and new rod types. Here’s how to get Dredge Research Fragments.

The best ways to get parts for research into the bulldozer

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there four The main ways to get Dredge research fragments, with some proving more successful than others. Although most of the time it comes down to luck.


As you explore the sea, you will come across luster You can interact with it. More often than not, they are lore or quest pieces, but sometimes, you’ll get lucky and find a cache existing items among ancient wreckage. And if you are very lucky, it will include a research part or two.

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Once you open and start shoveling, you can sometimes throw in a piece of research instead of a fish or some junk. This method is not very frequent, so don’t make it your main source.


some EffortsAKA side quests can lead to a quest fragment as a reward upon completion. the Recording rarities a quest, in particular, that tasks you with hunting Gulper Eel, Coelacanth, Oarfish, and Goliath Tigerfish Eight research parts.

travel trader

If you have coin to spare, then… travel trader On Rusty Pontoon sometimes store fragments of research in $300 piece. they acquire Every few days so it pays to check back often to see if they put more on sale.

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