Where do you get the wood and scrap into the bulldozer

In Dredge, a seemingly normal fishing game with an unsettling twist, you take on the role of a fisherman responsible for maintaining an exotic marine town. As you progress, you need to upgrade your boat to catch new types of fish and complete missions, which means you’ll want to collect scraps of wood and metal. Here’s where to get lumber and scrap in Dredge.

Where to find wood in the dredge

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After you open shovelingNot only will you be able to catch fish, but you will also get the ability to scrape materials from the sea floor. wood One of those resources, and he’s used to it promote Your boat is in the bucket and is a required item in A place to rest stalkers.

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To find wood, he sailed across the waters in search of bubbles. You can see what kind of catch you will get from a file shadows Under bubbles, which means, here, you’ll be looking for shaped bubbles wooden planks. We found two places near Lumber Dredging Little Maru. They will also sometimes appear at the points of the found item.

Where to find scrap in the bulldozer

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like wood, metal scraps is another resource required to complete A place to rest stalkers and l promote your ship. When searching for scraping spots, look for a large area square shape Shade, where you will raise metal scraps. We located a few scrap scraping spots Left of Steel Point Pier.

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