Best Minecraft 1.19 Coral Seeds – Best Seeds for Bedrock and Java! (April 2023)

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If you are looking to explore the oceans and live among fish, we have a collection of awesome Minecraft coral seeds for you to check out! We’ve sailed through vast biomes of warm ocean and treacherous seas to get the best corals you can find in Minecraft, and have combined them into the appropriate list below.

These seeds work with both Bedrock and Java, so you should be able to find something you like on any platform. But, while global generation works similarly between the two versions, they still generate structures in different locations. For this reason, we have provided handy lists of the main sites for both versions of each seed!

Best Minecraft 1.19 Coral Seeds

Abundant Coral Bridge

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seed: 3935656003807081250

Vast and plentiful coral reefs bring a desert bridge to life. The fish, dolphins, and other creatures that live in the coral reefs provide the lifeblood of this entire area. If we’re going to set up an underwater base, we’ll do it here!

The main java sites Major cornerstone sites
Coral reefs: -165, -200 Coral reefs: -165, -200
Desert Village: -384, 144 shattered gate -286, 120
Broken gate:-456, 312 village: -440, 264
Shipwreck:-728, 184 Savannah Village: 216, 232

coral hole

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seed: 599282705

A hole in the badlands with coral reefs inside and lush exposed caves. This is one of the most unique and amazing seeds we’ve ever seen, and we want to come back to it again and again. The reef continues beyond the crater, but the starting area is so amazing, you’ll never want to leave!

The main java sites Major cornerstone sites
Coral reefs: 50, -58 Coral reefs: 50, -58
shattered gate 160, -416 shattered gate 86, 306
Shipwreck: -657, -208 village: 904, 88
village: 800, 240 temple: -648, -728

Mini Coral Mesa

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seed: -1845039371514902489

A small bump of mud next to a small coral reef that expands into a full coral reef. This is a huge mix of biomes, with a sprawling jungle and plenty of areas to explore nearby. This is definitely an exotic seed that doesn’t have many vanilla biomes on hand, so start here at your own risk!

The main java sites Major cornerstone sites
Coral reefs: 97, -407 Coral reefs:97, -407
bamboo forest with panda: 872, -700 Pilger Tower: 274, 222
A village above a huge cave: 1116, -305 Savannah Village: 278, 556
mangrove swamps: 601, 375 Village with lava flow: -176, 546

Badlands Coral

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seed: -3143061368131360472

Vast expanses of land nestled next to a sprawling coral ocean. It’s a beautiful and unique location, yet so far removed from the traditional green and brown of the standard Minecraft world, it feels practically like a mod. Both the Bedrock and Java versions have great resources nearby, and this is a perfect place for a more unique start to your Minecraft adventure.

The main java websites Major cornerstone sites
Coral reefs: 135, 635 Coral reefs: 26, 546
Shipwreck: 414, 686 desert temple: -257, 596
Lush Surface Cave: 500, -56 shattered gate -250, 392
Surface abandoned mine: 46, 20 village: -376, -1446

Jungle beach on the coral ocean

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seed: 168764718018804

Just as the name suggests, your spawn in this seed is on the beach that includes the Jungle Biome. Closer to the shore and within sight of the spawning grounds are several branches of the reef that stretch out into the ocean as far as the eye can see. When you take wood from the forest and build a boat, you will find a large warm biome filled with coral reefs that spread across the horizon!

The main java sites Major cornerstone sites
Ocean Monument: 200 344 Ocean Monument: -712168
Mushroom Island: -27-267 Mushroom Island: -27-267
Mushroom Island: -1550-765 Mushroom Island: -1550-765
village: 2032912 village: 1,864,840
stronghold: 2052-412 stronghold: 1908 1412

Diving in the badlands coral

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seed: 7850875

This is an amazing seed that fulfills your quest in countless different rare biomes – all on spawning! While the corals in this seed are not great, they deserve a special mention because of the suitability of the seed and the unique global generation of corals. You spawn near the Jungle Biome (rare) which is home to the Lush Cave (rare), walk to Wooded Badlands Island (rare) and snorkel in the majestic coral reefs surrounding it!

The main java sites Major cornerstone sites
Jungle Temple: 120152 Ocean Monument: -296-200
Wooded badlands plateau: -30270 Wooded badlands plateau: -30270
Hell Gate: 152- 72 Hell Gate: 168,360
Shipwreck: 168,168 Diving in the coral reefs: -65390
Shipwreck: 72456 Village/stronghold: -744-424

Desert and coral lake

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seed: -1677612650

Enjoy the serene beauty of the multicolored Coral Reef while taking advantage of the resources and security offered by the Mushroom Islands at this fantastic seed. You spawn near two desert temples and a short boat ride away from one of the largest chains of mushroom islands we’ve ever seen. You will find that the body of water between the land and the island is full of coral reefs and dozens. Shipwrecks!

The main java sites Major cornerstone sites
desert temple: 232184 desert temple: 376-168
Desert Village: 368 0 shattered gate 56152
Shipwreck: 456152 Shipwreck: 50200
Mushroom Island: 260560 Mushroom Island: 260560
Shipwreck: 8120 Shipwreck: 584104

Badlands, good water

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seed: 14000003

You spawn in the Badlands on this seed, which is one of the rarest and most luxurious biomes in Minecraft. But, you can ignore the beauty of the Red Mountains and look out towards the ocean to see the beautiful coral coast just a few dozen blocks from the breeding grounds. If you follow the reef path, you will eventually come to one of the largest coral reefs you have ever seen.

The main java sites Major cornerstone sites
Coral Coast: 120340 Coral Coast: 120340
Shipwreck: 616,536 Shipwreck: -72 216
Shipwreck: 792520 desert temple: 216 344
village: 688,752 Shipwreck: 456408
Coral reefs: East of spawning (direction + Z) Coral reefs: East of spawning (direction + Z)

Shipwreck in coral reef

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seed: 12000039

This is an odd seed where you start out in Mangrove Swamp, one of the new biomes in The Wilds update. A short walk will lead you to a desert temple and village, both located on the coast facing huge coral reefs that stretch as far as the eye can see. Within these reefs are dozens of wrecks, one of which is relatively close to spawning. With the Mangrove Swamp in the beginning, these are the perfect coral seeds to get you started in Minecraft 1.19!

The main java sites Major cornerstone sites
Outpost: 112 – 352 desert temple: 232 34
village: 288-480 village: 72312
Shipwreck: -104 664 Shipwreck: 232440
Shipwreck: 24680 Shipwreck: 472,680
Shipwreck: 24872 Shipwreck: 488,136

Coral Lake Villages

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seed: -3017594135420764773

This seed begins near the coast of a modest reef with many villages surrounding it, which means that it is a great start for players who want to appreciate the beauty of nature without giving up the resources and social interaction that the villages provide. As you push a little further into the lagoon, you’ll find giant coral reefs that reach as far as the eye (and the width of the piece) can see!

The main java sites Major cornerstone sites
village: 640-144 Outpost / Temple / Village: 88-488
village: 368-160 village: 216,296
village: 256,272 village: 88600
Shipwreck: 552200 desert temple: 280 40
desert temple: 360328 desert temple: 824-200

Home on the Reef Coast

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

seed: 4600964994019861398

This is a stunning example of the color and sustenance that Coral Reef can add to your home in Minecraft. You spawn in the Mangrove Swamp (what better way to start the 1.19 map!) and a few hundred blocks from the nearest reef. You don’t even need to leave the Mangrove Swamp you spawn in to see the ocean’s vast expanse of coral reef. Check out some of the useful structures scattered around the spawning area, especially the home coastal village!

The main java sites Major cornerstone sites
Coastal Village: -320 32 Coastal Village: -376 -232
desert temple: 104 – 168 Village/Temple: 680-488
village: -288-400 desert temple: 216-344
village: 244,144 desert temple: -440-504
large corals: -680 -330 Shipwreck: 120408

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back between worlds

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seed: 11000042

As you can see from the image, this seed spawns you near a coral reef that is spread across a warm ocean biome near a huge mangrove swamp and mushroom island. This is something of a rarity in the world’s generation, so it’s a perfect world to start with if you want to appreciate the best that 1.19 has to offer without giving up the best of the previous updates. You also spawn next to the Badlands biome and there are many wrecks in the reef waiting to be plundered!

The main java sites Major cornerstone sites
mangrove swamps: 150,292 mangrove swamps: 150,292
Mushroom Island: -600 75 Mushroom Island: -600 75
Shipwreck: 8-184 village: 312 88
Shipwreck: -232 248 village: 280-184
Shipwreck: -472,216 desert temple: 376,264

Best Minecraft 1.18 Coral Seeds

Koraloch Cave

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seed: 599282705

This seed spawns you next to a gorgeous little oasis with coral reefs in the water and lush multi-story caves in the cliffs on the edges. The beauty of this spawn makes it reason enough to make it your main survival world, but players who want some extra corals will be happy to know there’s a good chunk of it within 200 blocks of the spawn. Just head west (-X) to get there!

The main java sites Major cornerstone sites
Koraloch Cave: north spawn (-y) Koraloch Cave: north spawn (-y)
Coral Biom: -184 -22 Coral Biom: -184 -22
Hell Gate: 15232 Shipwreck: -280 -88
village: 96832 desert temple: -504680
desert temple: 312632 Outpost: -856408

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