Manchester City condemns the “damage” of the Liverpool bus and will support the police investigation

Manchester City have condemned the alleged attack on Liverpool’s team bus on their return trip after losing 4-1 in the Premier League at the Etihad Stadium on Saturday.

It is alleged that a brick was thrown towards the Liverpool manager causing a window to be broken. No one on board was believed to have been injured.

Manchester City released a statement saying they would “fully support the Greater Manchester Police investigation”.

The statement read: “Manchester City Football Club has learned that the Liverpool FC manager sustained damage on his return journey after today’s match.

“We understand that something was thrown towards the bus in a residential area. Incidents of this nature are completely unacceptable, and we strongly condemn the actions of the responsible individual(s).

“We will fully support the Greater Manchester Police investigation into this incident in any way we can.”

Liverpool will also support any investigation into the alleged incident.

the athlete Greater Manchester Police have been contacted for comment.

City had earlier condemned “inappropriate chants from the local crowd” during the victory over Jurgen Klopp’s team.

A section of the fans was heard calling the Liverpool fans “victims” in the first half of the match in response to travel appeals for Rodri for a second yellow card.

A City statement read shortly after the full-time whistle: “Manchester City is disappointed to hear inappropriate chants from fans during today’s match.

“We regret any offense this chant may have caused and will continue to work with supporter groups and officials from both clubs to eliminate hateful chanting from this match.”

Senior officials at Anfield were “sickened” that vile chanting had again marred this game and welcomed City’s condemnation. Premier League too condemned heard cheering.

Several incidents involving both teams of fans have marred the match in recent seasons.

The clubs issued a joint statement condemning the crowd troubles at the Carabao Cup match, and Liverpool chief executive Billy Hogan personally apologized to the family of a 15-year-old Manchester City fan who was injured when she was hit by plastic glass weighed with coins thrown. from the far section during that match.

After a Premier League match at Anfield in October, City claimed to police that their bus had been attacked, and that coins had been thrown at manager Pep Guardiola. Liverpool accused visiting fans of singing chants about the Hillsborough disaster, as well as causing damage to facilities at the end of the match.

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