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Honkai: Star Rail is an RPG where players can warp (drag) characters and light cones (weapons) to deploy in battle. Much like other gacha games, including HoYoverse’s Genshin Impact, Tears of Themis, and Honkai Impact 3, Star Rail has multiple banners, some of which rotate every few weeks. If you’re interested in planning your next Five Star Draw, here are all the current and upcoming banner schedules in the game.

Honkai Star Rail – The current banner and who will be next?

While Honkai: Star Rail has permanent banners called Stellar Warp and Departure Warp, its limited character and Light Cone banners rotate about every 20 days. Due to the game’s update schedule, each version update will have two banner spins, each featuring a limited five-star character and a Light Cone not found on the permanent banners. Besides them, three stars will appear with four stars when you raise the price.

Honkai Star Rail Current Character Warp Event | Jingyuan | The Celestial Spear Banner’s whirlpool

Honkai: Star Rail’s current limited banner, Swirl of Heavenly Spear, runs from May 17thAnd 2023And until June 6thAnd 2023. It features Jing Yuan, a character so popular for her charisma that even It made him on the cover of a Japanese magazine called Annanwhich is usually reserved for 3D guys.

Personally, I’m a pull to Jing Yuan because he’s sexy, but he’s also an AoE DPS qualified character who you can liken to an upgraded Serval. The four stars accompanying this sign are also pretty cool, so it’s worth gracing if you like Jing Yuan.

Five stars

a personality road an item
Jing Yuan erudition Lightning

The four stars

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Honkai Star Rail Current Light Cone Event Warp | before dawn

Honkai: The Light Cone banner currently accompanying Star Rail from May 17thAnd 2023And until June 6thAnd 2023. It features a new five-star light cone called Before Dawn, along with three existing four-star light cones that can be dragged on the modifier.

Five stars

a personality road
before dawn erudition

The four stars

a personality road
The first day of my new life Preservation
Planetary meeting the hunt
Only silence remains harmony

Warp upcoming stellar rail event Honkai | Version 1.1 Banners

Honkai: Star Rail has confirmed the following logo lineups in version 1.1.

The first stage

Phase 1 is expected to run from June 7, 2023 to June 28, 2023. It will introduce a new five-star character, Silver Wolf.

a personality road an item
Silver Wolf (five stars) nothingness Quantum
Dan Heng (four stars) the hunt winds
Asta (four stars) harmony fire
Serval (four stars) erudition Lightning

The second phase

The second phase is expected to run from June 28, 2023 to July 18, 2023. It will introduce a new five-star character Luocha, along with a new four-star character Yukong. Personally, I’m really excited about this banner because both of the new characters look promising based on the livestream.

a personality road an item
Lusha (five stars) Galore imaginary
Bella (four stars) nothingness ice
Kingki (four stars) erudition Quantum
Yukong (four stars) harmony imaginary

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Honkai Star Rail for Beginners and Standard Banner | star warp | Warp departure

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Star Rail Standard Banner (Stellar Warp) indefinitely, which has a stable set of characters and light cones that never increase. It shares the same character and Light Cone set as the Departure Warp, both of which don’t allow you to target a specific five-star class in Pathos.

Here are all the 5 and 4 stars you can get from standard and beginner streamers. They all also appear in limited banners, though not at a higher rate.

Five star characters

a personality road an item
Himiko erudition fire
Alert nothingness imaginary
Bronya harmony winds
Gibbard Preservation ice
Clara destruction physical
Yanqing the hunt ice
bailoo Galore Lightning

Four star characters

a personality road an item
March 7th Preservation ice
Dan Heng the hunt winds
Arlan destruction Lightning
asta harmony fire
Herta erudition ice
Natasha Galore physical
Serval erudition Lightning
Bella nothingness ice
sambo nothingness winds
hook destruction fire
Suchang the hunt physical
kingki erudition Quantum
Tingyun harmony Lightning

Five-star light cones

light cone road
Night on the Milky Way erudition
An indispensable thing destruction
The battle is not over yet harmony
In the name of the world nothingness
The moment of victory Preservation
Sleep like the dead the hunt
Time waits for no one Galore

Four stars light cones

light cone road
Post-operative conversation Galore
Good night and sleep well nothingness
The first day of my new life Preservation
Only silence remains the hunt
Memories of the past harmony
We welcome you to the Moles destruction
The birth of the self erudition
common feeling Galore
prey eyes nothingness
Landau’s choice Preservation
duel the hunt
Planetary meeting harmony
Secret vow destruction
Make the world loud erudition

For more information on how to check out the banners above, check out our guide on Honkai Star Rail Pity, explained and how to get 5 guaranteed stars here on Pro Game Guides.

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