Hunter Green of the Reds throws 6 runs with an unpitched ball against the Cubs

The Reds’ Hunter Green threw six innings off a ball against the Cubs on Friday at Wrigley Field, before walking away with his team leading 7-0. After two innings, the Cubs’ starter Christopher Morrell finished the Reds with a no-hitter Yours faithfully, Eduardo Salazar. Here’s what you need to know:

  • During a start against the Pirates in his rookie season, Greene went 7 1/3 innings without allowing a hit before being pulled as a reliever. Cincinnati lost that game 1-0, becoming the first team since 2008 to allow no hits and forfeits.
  • Green, 23, has been winless in his first 10 starts of the season, with the Reds hitting three or fewer runs four times. Through those appearances, he posted a 4.68 ERA with 69 strikeouts on the season.
  • Green tied his career high with 11 strikeouts in 110 pitches. Friday marked the pitcher’s first start with catcher Curt Casale behind the plate.

background story

Last month, the Reds signed Green to a six-year, $53 million contract extension. The deal is guaranteed through the 2028 season and includes a $21 million club option, with a $2 million buy-out in 2029 for each of the Reds. Sources familiar with the deal previously said the contract value could exceed $95 million in total with option and incentives the athlete.

Greene, No. 2 in the 2017 MLB Draft and Cincinnati Opening Day this year, had a 4.44 ERA and 1.21 WHIP last season with 125 2/3 innings pitched (24 starts).

The Reds had previously beaten the Rays 8-1 in Green’s starter on April 17, but he left after three innings after being hit by a returner and suffering a left shin contusion.

Green completed more than just six innings pitched in four of his 35 career starts. There have been no hitters in the majors this season.

(Photo: Dylan Boyle/Getty)


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