What are the Fortnite, Keybinds, and Sensitivity Settings in Clix? – he answered

Gamers have been blown away by Fortnite, which is a phenomenon in the gaming world thanks to its competitive gameplay and knowledgeable community. Clix, a well-known character known for his exceptional prowess in Fortnite, is one of the elite players to gain fame. Many players have thought of the Clix formula for success as they strive to reach his level of mastery. We hope to solve the mystery by providing insightful details about Clix’s Fortnite keybindings, settings, and sensitivity in this article.

Fortnite settings in Clix

General Settings

  • Accuracy
  • display mode
  • Refresh rate
  • display distance
  • shadows
  • Anti-aliasing
  • texture
  • effects
  • Post-treatment
  • Motion blur
  • Make multicore
  • DirectX version
  • Color blindness situation

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  • wall on F.
  • floor on X.
  • stairs s.
  • ceiling on Fifth.
  • Reload in R.
  • The trap t.
  • react on H.
  • perch on c.
  • Inventory is running I.
  • edit in g or MW down.
  • Run the harvest tool 1.
  • Weapon slots 1
  • Weapon slot 2
  • Weapon slot 3
  • Weapon slot 4
  • Weapon slot 5


  • DPI is 800.
  • The aggregation rate is 1000 Hz.
  • Range sensitivity is 82.7%.
  • The sensitivity of the x-axis is 8.7%.
  • The sensitivity of the y-axis is 6.3%.
  • Targeting sensitivity 90.9%.

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