What to do with a damaged brass key in WoW

A group of missions featuring Blue Dragonflight has been added after the weekly reset on May 23rd that gives World of Warcraft players even more secrets to discover. Here’s what to do with the worn brass key you discover.

Where to use the Worn Brass Key in WoW Dragonflight

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If you don’t have too many problems getting the quest started, and we know many of you did, eventually you’ll be able to start going around the world and helping dragons across Azeroth. In the end, you’ll head to Booty Bay and help Zeros take back his loot from the pirates.

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The mission takes you to a pirate ship in the water where you will have to eliminate a few pirates as well as Captain Grub Redcut. Killing him will give you a key that can be used to open a chest below deck. It’s all part of the Crystal Shmystals quest, and simply doing the Blue Dragonflight quest will get you to the point. The main problem so far has been the sheer number of players doing the job simultaneously, so having a less populated part goes a long way in making this task easier.

What happens in the Blue Dragonflight quests in WoW?

We’re getting into spoiler territory now for those of you who haven’t completed the Blue Dragonflight missions, so be warned. This mission sees us say goodbye to many old characters like Malygos and Sindragosa, both of whom appear after long absences.

Perhaps the most emotional aspect of the mission is Synigos’ death. He was never defeated in battle or anything like that, but he says he lived a long and full life before he decided to give up. After the task is completed, you will see a message in your mailbox from Stellagosa thanking you for your help, and you will be given the Senegos game.

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