Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep Exotic – Navigator Tracer Rifle stats and perks

Destiny 2 Season 2 brought a whole host of new content, including new hunts and armor, and Ghosts of the Deep dungeon. And with the dungeon comes a new exotic weapon: the Navigator. Here’s everything you need to know about The Navigator in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep, including perks.

What are the new Deep Exotic ghosts, explorer?

Strange navigator coast tracks Gunwhich means it synergizes with Destiny 2’s newest sub-class, and once equipped, it sits in kinetic slot.

When the dungeon debuted on May 26, 2023, in Season of the Deep, I spent a good few hours figuring out the mechanics of deep dungeon ghosts with my Fireteam hoping to score The Navigator after defeating the final boss, but we were unsuccessful. I will Own it one day!

The essential characteristic of the navigator in Destiny 2

The weapon is distinguished by Intrinsic feature of the protective weavewhich, when shooting a team member, gives both Factor And ally the Woven mail woven. This makes The Navigator ideal for almost every group activity, whether it be a raid, crucible or vanguard, because power gives 60% damage resistance for 10 seconds.

Destiny 2’s unique Navigator feature

The other unique feature that The Navigator has is Weft cut. this Cuts Targets that take damage damage, which reduces damage output. Again, this makes Exotic a good choice for team activities where you can support your allies.

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How to get The Navigator Exotic in Destiny 2

Guardians who defeat the ghosts of the last profound dungeon boss, Ur Nocro toxinBy completing the dungeon you will get the chance to get the explorer. Like other Dungeons and Raid Exotics, it has just 5% drop chancealthough this could be boost By completing the following victories:

  • death denies– Complete all encounters in Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon without dying or leaving the activity.
  • In memory of– Find and listen to every memory of darkness in the ghosts of the deep dungeon.
  • Alone in depth– Complete all encounters in Ghosts of the Deep dungeon solo without leaving the activity.
  • King of depth– Complete all encounters in Ghosts of the Deep dungeon solo without dying or leaving the activity.
  • sovereign– Complete Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon on Basic difficulty.

Is the Navigator farmable in Destiny 2?

No, the explorer is no Arable. Not when thinking you can just drop it Once for every week per chapter. However, you can farm Legendary Loot Pieces in Ghosts of the Deep.

How to get The Navigator Catalyst and what it does in Destiny 2

I didn’t get the gun or its trigger myself, but depending SHI3LDSHI3LD On Reddit, it’s pretty simple.

When you’ve had all of your dungeon encounters, you’ll notice a statue. Search A pile of dead ghosts Near each statue after battles to earn a orangethen escort this polished to the next area statue. This, according to the user, will produce a president. beat him three times by Bring buffing to each statueand a released It should appear containing Navigator Catalyst.

Navigator Catalyst adds an alternate fire Creates an engagement point, which is ideal for escaping from enemy ambushes. I’m so excited to finally get this one, as it looks broken as heck!

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