How to get Ember Armor in TOTK (Zelda Tears of the Kingdom)

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Compared to its predecessor, Link has a lot of new armor sets to choose from in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Ember Armor is one of the most unique (and fun) things players can find around Hyrule. While Flamebreaker’s shield protects from heat, Ember’s shield actually gives him an offensive boost at higher temperatures.

Where to get Ember panties in TOTK (Zelda Tears of the Kingdom)

Ember’s panties are probably the hardest to find, since they are part of one of the most annoying missions in Tears of the Kingdom. To get started, go to the entrance to Lake Shivla Cave (coordinates 2597, 1325, 0151).

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There are two NPCs outside the entrance who will tell Link that there is a treasure inside left by the legendary Misko from Breath of the Wild.

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When players enter the cave, they will find a room with a bunch of chests. The ones with Ember’s panties lie towards the back left corner of the room, stuck into the floor. A good way to find it is to stop for brighbloom seeds growing in that corner. This is a rough idea of ​​where it is.

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Even with pictures, it’s still hard to find. I fully admit to walking towards the area and opening every nearby chest until I found Ember Trousers

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Where to get the Ember T-shirt in TOTK (Zelda Tears of the Kingdom)

Ember shirt is found at Goronbi River Cave. The quickest way to get there is to head to Goron City, head west to the Goron River, and then find the end where the river ends on the south side. The coordinates of Goronbi River Cave are 1418, 2105, 0286.

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Inside the cave will be a river of lava with stones that the Link can use to cross. Head straight from the opening and players will find a lava waterfall next to a stone platform with streams of lava flowing in from the right.

In order to cross this part, players will need to build a bridge with a few stones to cross over to the platform and defeat Fire Like Like waiting there. I built my bridge with only three stones to make sure I got to the other side. This lava gap is deceptively wide.

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After overcoming the fire like, the stone bridge would probably have floated around. Players can jump back onto the bridge to float across the cave.

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In the next room there will be a hanging beam; Climb into it to find the Lizal Blade.

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From this platform, simply slide to the other side of the room and head through the door. Not only will players find Ember’s shirt, but also evidence of Link’s Awakening armor.

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Where to get Ember Headress in TOTK (Zelda Tears of the Kingdom)

To get the last piece of the Ember Armor set, players need to head to the YunoboCo South Cave. This can be found north of Goron City by all trolleys. Its coordinates are 1713, 2720, 0403.

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There will be a couple of Horroblins to fight inside. Once you’ve taken care of them, use a hammer to break the rubble and head to the room inside. There will be a raft vehicle in the middle of the assembly, but players can ignore it; The only thing necessary here is a water tap.

Grab the water tap and head back to the main room. Use the water faucet to craft at least three stone slabs.

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Make sure to place it on the right side of the room, because the goal is to get to the platform that extends there. If necessary, grab one of the previous panels with the Ultrahand and slide it in front of the platform.

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Once on the other side of the lava, Link can walk to the back where there is a raft with a stent base on top. This holds the chest with the Ember Headress inside.

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