Soryotanog Shrine (Buried Light) Solved in TOTK (Zelda Tears of the Kingdom)

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It turns out that the shrines in the Gerudo Desert in The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s Tears have sand inside and out. Zelda fans who played through Skyward Sword might feel a great sense of nostalgia in this shrine. Since there are fans that can be used to blast sand, it’s like using Skyward Sword’s Gust Bellows.

Soryotanog Shrine (Buried Light) location in TOTK (Zelda Tears of the Kingdom)

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Soryotanog Shrine can be found atop Gerudo City in Kingdom’s Tears. In order to get there, players will need to go through the sandstorm, but once inside, players will be able to roam and climb as they please. The coordinates for this shrine are -3881, -2961, 0123.

Soryotanog Shrine (Buried Light) TOTK (Zelda Tears in the Kingdom) walkthrough

The opening room of Soryotanog Shrine has a couple of dunes and a fan. The first order of business is to clean out all the sand with the fans to find what’s underneath.

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It may sound counterintuitive to put the fan next to the dune and activate it, but I’ve already found out that Link can use the Ultrahand and point the fan at the dune while walking around.

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This saved me some time, if only because it can be a little tricky to arrange the fan so that it blows sand away.

There is a small sand dune under it key. Use this on the door in the middle of the room to open the second part of the shrine. Take the fan from the first room and head inside. There is a sand dune with a strange device underneath it. This is actually a metal shield that reflects light.

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There is a hidden room on the left. Link may be taking arrow fire from a building inside that room. To enter, look to the left of the cage; There should be a small corner with a roof on which the tie can use an ascender.

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Climb up this roof to get to the hidden room. The link can snip the build from here. This room will have another fan and two more dunes. The important dunes to remove are the ones below the slope because there is a ray of light coming from down there.

Once this light is revealed, players can grab the other metal shield in the room and place it on the ramp.

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This part is a little tricky. I found it best to use the Ultrahand, aim at the back left corner of the room, and then angle it slightly to the left. The shield must be positioned so that the light enters the room where Link was just now.

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When players return to the original room, a beam of light should shine through. Take the first metal shield and raise it with your Ultrahand to meet the beam of light. From there, rotate so that the light bounces off that shield and hits the large target above the shrine door. This will open the last door and finish off the shrine proper.

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