The M2 MacBook Pro has better battery life than its predecessor

Apple’s new M2 MacBook Pro is exactly the same as its predecessor apart from an upgraded chip, but reviewers find it has amazing battery life. New Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch It features the company’s next-generation M2 system (SoC), and reviewers find that the upgrade results in impressive battery life compared to its predecessor and other laptops in its class. One of the advantages of Apple Silicon, unlike processors from industry giants such as AMD and Intel, is energy efficiency. Because Apple designs all aspects of your computer—from the processor…

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Good luck to you, Leo Grande’s realistic approach to sex is just what we need

good luck to you leo grande feature

Good luck to you, Leo Grande It is a movie about sex. This is only evident from the plot summary, which includes the escort of a young Leo Grande (Daryl McCormack), hired by a repressed middle-aged woman named Nancy Stokes (Emma Thompson) so he can bring her to an orgasm for the first time in her life. But with four accompanying sessions and an hour and a half running time Leo Grande It explores sex from all kinds of different angles: who expects to have it, is expected to want…

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Olivia de Jong on Elvis Baz Luhrmann and photographed by Priscilla Presley

olivia-dejonge-elvis-social featured

with the writer director Baz Luhrmanns Elvis Now playing in theaters around the world, I recently spoke with Olivia Dejong about playing Priscilla Presley in the bio. As you’ve seen in the trailers, Elvis It revolves around the complex relationship between Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks) And the Elvis Presley (Poulter Austin). Telling the story of Elvis from Parker’s point of view, the film spans two decades and includes Presley’s rise to fame against the backdrop of an evolving cultural landscape and the loss of innocence in America. As I’ve…

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Best Magic: Gathering Formats for New Players

Find the best Magic: The Gathering The format of playing as a new player can be overwhelming. With Wizards of the Coast officially recognized in over 20 formats, a new player can easily get lost trying to figure out what’s best for them. Fortunately, it is easy to start with many of these formats and share them with many common themes that make trying different formats even easier. Most Magic: The Gathering The formats follow a few basic rules. Many are related to a specific deck size, with 60 cards…

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All the Key Features of the Stylish Cadillac Lyriq EV

The Cadillac Lyric 2023 offers direct comparisons to Tesla’s best offering in feature set and performance. It could be a real competitor. The full feature set for the upcoming 2023 Cadillac Lyriq EV has been completed. The luxury electric car will begin shipping in a few weeks, which means details around it are becoming less scarce. As would be expected of a modern Cadillac and a serious contender in the EV space, the Lyriq doesn’t skimp on excess. 2023 Lyriq is a line in the sand. A turning point for…

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Rebecca Hall and Tim Roth Star in a disturbing thriller

Resurrection featured

psychological arousal Resurrection Coming to theaters in late July, the new trailer presents all the questions that will permeate the story, but offers no answers. So for now, we just have to know the basic premise: a woman who lives a seemingly happy life has her world turned upside down by the arrival of someone from her past. The trailer teases the best career offers from Rebecca Hall (Godzilla vs. Kong) And the Tim Roth (Strong woman). In the short, two-minute atmospheric clip centered around both stars, the actors invite…

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Obi-Wan Kenobi and Stranger Things, Explanation of Life Continuity Problems


“Age is just a number” is the old saying we usually adopt once birthdays start arriving with a sense of dread rather than excitement. But in the detail-oriented world of popular culture, the ages of our favorite characters can be so much more, often becoming a problem for writers to solve or a break in continuity for fan bases. why would he do Ewan McGregorThe Obi-Wan Kenobi still looks decades younger than him Alec Guinness His counterpart, although the recent McGregor star Wars The show was set only a few…

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Which Elden Ring Demigod would win a battle

Much of the Elden Ring lore centers around the pantheon of gods, six of whom are in-game bosses. Which Demigod is the deadliest fighter? elden ring‘s The demigods host some of the toughest bosses FromSoftware has ever created, which begs the question: Which of them would win a battle? Among the main contestants are demigods elden ring Bosses Morgott, Malenia, Rykard, Mohg, Radahn, and Godrick, as well as NPC Ranni and background characters Miquella and Godwyn. Given that three of the nine Demigods can’t actually be fought, picking a winner…

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How Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis changed TV forever


Dean Martin And the Jerry Lewis Both are creative in their own right. Martin, famous singer and beloved member of the Rat Pack, Lewis, is one of the most famous physical comedians in history. As time goes on, fewer and fewer media consumers are realizing that they were once a successful pair, resulting in an empire of films and some amazing combinations on the stage. These excellent performance time capsules are getting harder and harder. Unless one approaches a search engine on a mission, knows precisely what they are looking…

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Poppy Playtime Leak leak reveals possible upcoming game lineup

A recent video leak is likely to reveal the new lineup of Poppy Playtime games, including the characters Mommy Long Legs and Poppy herself. Leak reveals new potential Poppy playing time Kids Games From PhatMojo appeared. Poppy playing time It is a horror game that includes a collection of fantasy games such as Mommy Long Legs and Huggy Wuggy. Games of these characters and more are already available on the official Poppy playing time Store, but nothing from PhatMojo yet. PhatMojo is a game development company, brand manager, and game…

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